Monday, 2 March 2015

Museum Internship, Winter Break, and Ballet

That part of my life that tends to just go on barreling forward without bothering to breathe is currently taking a mandatory one-week holiday.  I'm ignoring my professors' injunctions to spend this time doing research.

This is my last week at the publisher, which makes me a little sad.  I like it there, and it's been a good job.  But it's the one thing too many with classes, so while they're on pause I'm wrapping up the paperwork and stocking and handing it over to my boss.  I'm bummed they haven't found a replacement for me yet.  I wasn't planning on working at all this week, but I feel terrible piling my normal responsibilities on top of his.  Hopefully they find someone soon.

The museum internship is a go (I think..)!  My mentor teacher there emailed me with housing information today.  It's not unreasonably expensive, and hopefully being in a dorm full of professional researchers will be easier than being in a dorm full of college kids.  It has a common kitchen, which has me a little worried, but at least there's a kitchen.  I can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to avoid gluten in Japan... soy sauce is in EVERYTHING!  And they generally suck when it comes to any kind of food allergy anyway (spoken from experience).  BUT JAPAN!  Now that I've got some other things figured out, I'm actually excited!  I've been terrified and stalling for months.

Finding this eased the terror enough so that I'm pretty excited now.  Since the town I'll be in is so far from Tokyo I've been worrying about keeping up with my dancing.  It's really become such a big part of my life.  On non-ballet days, I still usually end up putting my shoes on and and least doing strengthening exercises, and I'm in class 3-4 days a week now.  It's done wonders for my mood, my confidence, and balancing my sensory craziness.  When I saw this morning that I would be in a carpeted room for the summer, my first thought was "Where am I going to practice pointe?!"  Problem solved!  There are multiple dance studios in Sakura city, one of which looks way too intense and costs more than I want to pay - unless they're totally awesome when I go visit, but I didn't like the vibe from their website.  The one I linked to looks nice.  I think I'm going to email her once the details are set for my trip.

To top the day off, it's been sunny - and the sun actually felt like it contained warmth!  The wind wasn't painful.  I actually enjoyed being outside, even though it's still below freezing.  I haven't had to run the heater all day!