Saturday, 14 February 2015

Back to Blogging, Ballet, and Figuring out Food

There is a yellow icicle growing over my balcony, and I find the color and placement rather disturbing... 

Anyway, I'm back to trying to figure out how to feed myself, be healthy, and not get too stressed about eating.  Prompt 1 - doing a deep bend en point in fifth is difficult enough without several inches of excess padding between one's thighs.  I would like this problem to go away.  Prompt 2 - I'm really, really tired of getting glutened or otherwise poisoning myself whenever I need to grab food quickly.  I'd really like to never have to repeat yesterday's bloating, nausea, pain, and headache.

Last night, while I was unable to sleep, I decided to try to weigh some portions of GF pasta, since that's been my default hungry and in a hurry meal.  Using my food scale has been incredibly enlightening.  2 ounces of GF pasta is about 1/3 of what I've been eating per serving.  A teaspoon of parmesan cheese is 3 grams, which is a pinch compared to what I've been dumping on my noodles.  Three red grapes are about half an ounce, and a small amount of almonds goes a really long way.
 That said... I'm hungry.  I need to figure out something that's as quick as a bowl of spaghetti, gluten and egg free, but is more nutritionally worthwhile and filling.  I need more fuel for my muscles - they get so drained after ballet.  I'm not sure what I'm missing. 

So experiment! You can follow (or join) me here!  I'm going to try to keep on top of this, especially on the weekends since I have a bit more time to think and plan.