Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Challenge Day 7

Wednesdays are my day off academia for the month of May, so mostly I stuck around my apartment.  I didn't quite make my goal, just over 9k walking, but I was in the middle of my walk when it hit midnight, so I'm considering the remaining 1.5k that showed up on today's count as yesterday's.

I did 30 minutes of ballet and stretching today, with another sequence of the humble warrior/lizard pose that I learned yesterday.  I tried today just based on the notes I took yesterday for pliés and tendus to some piano music.  It was a good workout, and I feel like my body's remembering the sequences a bit.

Here is my video over at Give it 100.

In tangentially related news, I bought a new bed today.  It's being delivered tomorrow.  It's much softer than I've ever slept on, but I have two months to decide if it's right for me.  It seemed at the store like it won't hurt my shoulders, which would be fantastic.  Three years sleeping on the floor was not kind to them.

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