Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Challenges

I feel like this is the first summer of the rest of my life, and I'm super excited.  The last three years have been tough, and a lot's happened, but my life right now hardly compares to where I was a year ago when I stopped this blog.  So as I'm getting ready for the huge changes coming up, I'm trying to get my physical health up to speed with my mental health, and darn it, my body is going to listen to me!!!

So, I'm on a 100 day challenge.  Today was technically day 4, but I didn't think to revive this blog until talking with my mom today, so first entry.  I'll be updating every day throughout the challenge to keep in touch with my mom, who's doing her own challenge with me.

My main challenge is to learn ballet.  It's less random that it probably appears since I spent a good number of sighs while in Tokyo wishing I had the guts to get myself into a leotard and be a newbie next to the slender, feminine Japanese women and start dancing again.  It's been one of those hobbies I loved sitting in the back of my mind, but at any rate I'm feeling less timid and wanting to take the leap into a dance class here.

So, for one hundred days I'm stretching, practicing what I can off of videos, and enjoying feeling tall and pretty.  My landmarks are 25 days (I buy ballet slippers), 50 days (I buy a leotard and some tights), and 100 days (register for class).

You can follow my Give it 100 profile here, where I'll be posting video updates.

In addition to dancing, my health and fitness goals are:

  1. avoid gluten containing products that make me sick
  2. cook for myself 
  3. run a minimum 3 times per week
  4. work on core strength and posture
  5. minimum of 10k steps per day
I'm also trying to swap some fat for muscle, and since 100 days is about 14 weeks, I'm aiming to loose that many more pounds.  That will put me at 136, my max weight when I lived in Tokyo and 10 pounds above my target weight.

My reward for mornings I run is breakfast of meat and a duck egg omelette.  Yum!!  

I think that's all.  Here's a picture of me working on my new ballet barre Gary helped me assemble.  

For the record, this is the pattern I used, with a couple modifications.  It still needs some paint and I want to stain the the wooden rods, but for now, I'm loving it!

Anybody else want to join my summer challenge?  Let me know!  We can help keep each other accountable!

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