Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer Challenge Day 6

My motivation lagged a bit today, but I made it!  In spite of oversleeping, falling asleep while reading, and succumbing to a bottle of Pepsi, I still had a healthy breakfast and a fantastic dinner at Piolo's with a couple of my Museum Studies classmates.  And even though I didn't run, I beat my walking goal by 3k!!

In addition to about 40 minutes of pliés and attempting tendus, I did a quick yoga sequence following this video.  Partly, I really want to strengthen my legs (and wow did this sequence highlight how not strong they currently are).  My hip flexors have always been very tight, and while I don't have any ambition of doing the splits this year as I can barely touch the floor with the tips of my fingers right now, it's as good a time to start stretching those as any.  Maybe I'll even stop walking like a duck!

Anyway, here is my video for day five at Give it 100, complete with my "GAH THAT HURT!" face.

I rate today another success!

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