Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Challenge, Day 14 - Two weeks!

The last few days were either fail or I took off from ballet, but I'm back today!  I've been keeping up my walking goals and eating well at the very least.

I've increased my daily walking goal to 12,000 steps.  Yesterday I ran before work, then realized that running before a twelve hour day that turned into 80+ degrees was not good for the stomach.  Trying again tomorrow!

Here are my videos at Give it 100.

Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14

Also, this recipe makes some freaking delicious soup!  I got about seven servings out of the pot I made, and they're quite filling!  I used whole cream instead of coconut milk, and while I finally planted some basil today, dried basil worked quite well!

Here's my balcony garden!  Sweet and Thai basil and peppermint.  And a cat.  Apparently the cats really liked the smell of the basil.  Apparently this is not poisonous to cats, but they still don't get to eat my plants! (I may end up getting them a catnip plant though.)

Today I also contacted a community garden place and requested a small plot to rent so I can plant real veggies.  Yay for healthy vegetables!

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