Sunday, 25 May 2014

Challenge, Day 10!

I made it to Day 10!!  I'm proud of me!

So today's workout was just under 30 minutes, but I did lots of stretching, about 15 minutes of ballet, and then yoga.  Here's my video over at Give it 100.

I'm starting to notice that I can't do a demi plié in fourth or fifth position without my front heel popping up.  Actually I can barely bend my knees at all without my heel popping up, and I'm curious what's up with that.  I've injured my ankles repeatedly in my clumsiness, but you'd think that would effect stability and strength, not ability to bend forward.  Or maybe I'm doing the pliés wrong.  That's possible too.

I've been kinda bad about food the last few days, but surprisingly today I was under my count.  Wouldn't have figured that - I thought I'd be a few hundred over.  I guess I'm getting better at portions.

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