Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Last Post

Ok, well, I'm not surprised I got distracted for the last few days.  Suffice it to say, eating, I was generally really good.... soda, not so much.  But I'm not letting myself be disappointed with me, cause that would only add to stress, so let's look back at my goals.

My goals for this month: 
- Some activity of some kind for at least an hour every day 
- No more headaches!!! 
- Normalized sleep schedule/pattern (as much as this is possible) 
- No more spinal cracking whenever I shift or take a deep breath 
- No more back pain 
- Stress under control 
- Losing a few more pounds and fitting into more of my clothes would be a nice bonus 
- Also, being able to do 1 or 2 pull-ups would be freaking awesome

Well, activity level was pretty low, but I did get in quite a few good walks.  Going to the gym is, not helpfully, the one thing too many right now, so I'm letting it be until I get a little more together.

My headaches have been cut down SO much.  I isolated the worst of it down to my glasses.  The pair I have that works best are scratched at the top, but it's the bottom I generally look through, and the other pair I was using (because this pair is scratched) are too narrow so I was constantly looking through a blurry black bit of plastic.  Other things that caused headaches (other than stress) were La Choy Soy Sauce (not all soy sauce does this) and bread.  Today my headache is very mild and not too constant.

Normalizing my sleep is taking effort, but I woke up today without an alarm, feeling pretty rested, at about 6:30, which was surprising.  I didn't actually get up.... it was cold and I wanted more sleep (that would have made about 6 hours)... but progress is being made.  Candles are helping.

Back pain has gone down a little - I'm making more of an effort to get up and at least pace a bit when it first starts bugging me, but I'll bet actually exercising and building strength in those muscles would help...  Sleep, at least, isn't as painful.  Spine still cracking now and again though.

My stress is not under control, but it's better than it was (by a lightyear or more) when Soushi was sick... That sucked... I'm still feeling behind in school and stressed about finances, but I had some talks with professors I needed to talk to, have some things arranged for next term, and have an interview at a temp agency on Friday, so all I need to do now is get my work done that's due in the next few days and stop worrying about the future, cause God's got it and I can't do anything about it anyway.  That didn't stop me from spending an hour procrastinating on my paper so I could apply for and contact the temp agency... Sadly, if I really want to sit down and work, the best way to get myself to do it is with a can (or three) of soda... I don't know what it is, but coffee and tea (one cup of each today, and I only got a tiny fraction done of what I could have/wanted to) just don't cut it.

As of yesterday I was 138, which is four pounds down from what I started at.  Woohoo! :) Clothes are about the same, but at least they're not too small on me again.

I.... haven't gotten to try pull-ups that much... goes with the gym thing.  Can't do them at home = not doing them at all.  We'll get there though!

Not a wasted four weeks, at any rate.

Update of another kind, my roommate's 19 year old cat isn't doing too well.  She's pretty upset about it, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  There's nothing specifically wrong with George except she's 19 and just deteriorating.  She fell or something on Friday and broke a blood vessel in her eye, which is kinda what started this.  She was pretty active today though, came up to me and started purring, walked on top of me and tripped over Loki to get to Emily.... Still, it's pretty obvious she's not going to last much longer.... Pets are just supposed to stay healthy and live forever. :(

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