Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Days 19-22

Right, I'm supposed to be doing this.  Er... School has taken this opportunity to get crazy, just when I got a lead at a temp agency too.  @__@  I've been mostly good, same old... A few sodas, a small pizza on Monday, a pizza today, other than that...

I'm not very good at regular updates apparently.  I can say I'm learning a ton this week.  I need to get my butt to the gym and move around more though.  I spent six hours in front of my computer yesterday typing out a document I have to translate.  I didn't realize my back hurt until after hour five when I looked up and it was magically 1AM...  I had meant to go to bed at 10.  Oops.  My experiment was going pretty decently until last night.... Restart once I get caught back up on my work?

Good news though - I have an appointment with the coordinator for the Museum Studies certificate on Monday to get more information on the program.  I also have managed to email two of the professors I needed to and start talking with them about things for next semester... cause there are no classes relavant to my research being offered.... I really, really only want to take 4, maybe 5 credits next term anyway though.  Seven is kicking my butt, and I really need to be able to have time to work.  This not having any money thing is getting old.  I love what I'm doing, but already this week I've clocked at least twenty five hours of study/class since Monday.  I'm expecting tonight to be another late night too... which is great in that I'm learning a ton and I'm really excited about what I'm doing, but there's no chance I'm getting up at 6 AM tomorrow to substitute teach until 3 when my class starts at 4 and I'll end up at my desk again probably until after midnight tomorrow.  Ah, grad school... and I expected to be able to work at least three days a week... Ha!

While on the subject of gyms (at least my brain is) I need to find my card.  I'll just have to make time to go tomorrow after class.  My spine is unhappy.  I figured out the headaches a bit though - eyestrain. The glasses I got over the summer that were working so great got scratched right after I moved in August, so I've been wearing my backup pair which I'm either looking around or through the really thick rims.  Put my scratched glasses on, and aside from having an annoying scratch near the top of my vision, headaches WAY down.  Not gone, but at least they're not quite so bad this week.

And break time over.  Back to Heike.

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