Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Things you realize...

1) It doesn't matter how many times you move, it's still chaos.

I've lost count of how many times I've moved in my life, but since I was 18 I've moved twelve times.  Twelve in less than a decade.  So let's dismiss those moves that were to and from dorms and just go with the ones where I relocated my life, and you still get nine.  I'm working on not leaving my stuff in boxes and letting myself sprawl a little, but it's slow going.

2) Japanese Studies is a very small field.

Which means I probably should't remark on people wearing period clothing (period as in 19th century Japanese...) to class.... so I will keep my comments on that off the internet....  I was less surprised when it happened while I was studying in Japan, let's just say that.

3) 37% of my income goes to taxes.

This is depressing when you look at actual numbers... also gives me even less incentive to go to a job that I hate and makes me stress till I'm sick for a grand total of $6/hour.  Seriously, 37% and I'm in the lowest income bracket.   I'll save my thoughts on that for a later date.  I'm too annoyed and tired to contemplate economics.  I didn't get the job at Toyota, which is sad but not surprising.  The recruiter apologized for wasting my time since they wanted a full + overtime worker and I made it clear that I can't do overtime while I'm in school.  Back to the hunt then.

4) Sitting is painful.

Over the summer I was outside and on my feet 8-10 hours a day, every day, even on my days off.  Now I'm not.  I'd study outside, but I'm worried about flees.... they're a problem here, because somebody a couple hundred years ago thought it was a brilliant idea to settle in a giant swamp.  Why they decided this area was habitable, when the indigenous people who'd lived in the region for close on a millenium didn't bother with it (unless they were hiding from the stupid people who later decided it was a good place to live), is completely beyond me.  But we're talking the same people who decided it was a good idea to build a city in a valley next to a huge river that moves.  Europe did not send their best and brightest to colonize North America.  But I digress.  The weather is beautiful, and I need to get moving more.

5) I freaking love autumn!

I did say the weather is beautiful, yes?  It's amazing.  Sadly my coats are at my grandparents' house over an hour away, so I'm a little chilled when I go outside in the evenings, but mostly a hoodie has been sufficient to keep me warm.  Loki and I had a great walk today, and tomorrow I plan to find a park or somewhere to talk him and walk some more.  There are three girls who always play in the courtyard of my apartment - I know them because they love Loki and whenever I take him out they tag along until I have to shoo them away so he can poop in peace.  Anyway, they look like they have so much fun playing out there, running around on the grass.  It's a bit sad we don't have more trees on this side of the complex or I'm sure they'd make an awesome leaf pile.  They seem the type.

6) I miss community.

And it's nice to be a small part of one again.  Now to get a decent job so I can be a productive member of my community. :)

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