Saturday, 27 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Days 9, 10, and 11

Yeah, that's right, Oxford comma!  More people should use it.

So, I'm not so good at keeping up with this, apparently!  I'm trying, I really am!  I really can't remember all of what I ate the last couple days, or what I did, mostly I've just had a nasty headache that comes and goes...

Day 9
I didn't eat much in the morning, didn't have much of an appetite.  Dinner was stew made from the juices of Wednesday's ribs, more ribs, lots of veggies, and a little bit of potato starch to thicken it.  It was delicious.  I didn't manage exercise outside of walking the dog and walking between my car and campus... and I'm pretty sure I had a Pepsi at some point (it helped the headache at least....).  Most of Thursday entailed me freaking out over Soushi, who was sick, and trying to find a vet I could afford who could see him.  That didn't happen.

Day 10
Continue with me freaking out about Soushi, hauling him to the vet, bawling in the office as they explained their $500 estimate, still crying a little as I left paying $200, though very relieved that Soushi's blood work came out basically perfect.  Ate leftover stew and fruit, and went out and bought a Pepsi Throwback because I'm weak and needed comfort food as I sat with Emily and watched Highlander.  Soushi beat up the dog a little and chased his laser... both good things in light of the fact that he's mostly just been staring into space for the last few days.

Day 11
Soushi seems to be doing a lot better, which means today was not a vet day, thank God.  The vet informed me that if he didn't do better with the shots she gave him something was very seriously wrong.  I can't afford to pay for very seriously wrong, so my cat cannot have something very seriously wrong or my world will turn very seriously sad and angry.  Just saying.  Anyway, banana and some dried fruit that I made yesterday for breakfast.  Lunch at mom's was a bowl of tomatos, cucumber, and mozzarella cheese in balsamic dressing.  I ate some broccoli and mushrooms as a snack, and now I'm thinking I'm not going to leave the last of the stew for my roommate, I'm just going to eat it for dinner. :P  Exercise is not going to happen as I have a migraine today... I managed to resist the call of Pepsi only because mom didn't have any.  I took some migraine meds a bit ago, so hopefully it doesn't get any worse.  I have a ton of work to do tonight, but I may end up in bed early if this doesn't go away.

Also, I painted my nails today, and yes, I took a picture of them.

Two reasons why:
1) I haven't had nails long enough or healthy enough to paint since summer, which was the first time I'd had them pretty much since right after I got back from Japan, and I was working at a park over the summer... not really ideal for girly nail polishing.... and sometimes you just want to be girly! (Yes, that was a run-on sentence, at least I can use the Oxford comma properly!)

2) MY NAILS ARE LONG AND HEALTHY AGAIN!!!  A word here about my nails, they generally grow really fast.  The biggest problem since I've been an adult (and stopped biting them) is that they peel.  The layers literally split and the top peels back.  Even when they're short they tend to do this.  For the most part, they did not do this when I lived in Japan.  They started doing this again a short while after I moved back.  They stopped over the summer while I was eating Primal foods.  They started again last month.  I had talons in Japan, and my friend and I both noticed that our nails were growing like mad but that they didn't do that in North America.  We attributed it to the humidity difference, only Japan isn't all that different from Southeastern Michigan.... and I'm noticing a pattern with my eating habits. (Note: I barely ate wheat products in Japan because they were too expensive.  I ate primarily rice for carbs.)

Honestly, I have no idea what deficiency causes my nails to peel.  As I understand it, nails are calcium, but up until last spring I was taking calcium supplements fairly regularly, at least as regularly as I can manage being as scatterbrained as I am.  (I probably should still be taking them, I just forget to...)  Taking them or not taking them doesn't seem to make a difference in the strength of my nails.  Protein maybe?  But I've always loved meat, and if I don't get meat at least once a day I am a sad, sad person!  Everything related to the Paleo diet/Primal lifestyle remarks on how wheat has phytates that block nutrient absorption.  This forum thread has an interesting discussion on the topic.  It's really just food for thought.  I'm not a scientist, I won't pretend to know, but it is interesting.

Also, and this deserves its own post at some point, but for now I made veggie chips!

The lighting in my kitchen sucks, but I don't feel like getting back up to take a better picture.  They're so good!!  They needed to dry a little longer.  I kinda messed up with the dehydrator last night - I turned the heat down so things wouldn't over-dry while I was sleeping.... not a good idea.  Some of these are very crispy and perfect, other bits are a little soft and mushy.  But they're yummy, either way.

How to make them
I honestly didn't measure everything... but I basically threw a parsnip, carrot, and half a sweet potato in my food processor, added a pepper (see below), some minced garlic, a chunk of sweet onion, chia seeds and sesame seeds (didn't measure, just dumped...), paprika (again, just dumped) and probably about a teaspoon or so of salt.  It needed about two tablespoons of water as I was making the paste, but I think if I'd had a tomato it might not have needed any.

I have no idea what kind of pepper this is... actually I'm not even sure it's the same kind as the one I used, but it was at least similar.  The only difference was the one I used was mostly green with some red spots....  My roommate's parents grew them.  Judging by the smell, I'm going to go with they're pretty darn spicy.

So anyway, made a past out of it and spread it on the fruit roll-up sheet for my dehydrator.  It was in there on 135 F for probably six hours, then 95 for another 8 or so.  Like I said, I probably should have just left it on 135 and set and alarm to check it over night, but live and learn, right?

I also dried a tomato yesterday, basically just put salt and peper on it and put it on the rack.  I had the same problem where some pieces were really crunchy and some were still really moist, but even the apples I did (and I'm getting good at drying apples!) were too moist still.  I haven't tried the sweet potato chips or carrots yet.  I'll let you know how those go some other time.

And yay for migraine meds!  My headache has started to ease up.  It's gone from someone trying to drive a spike above my ear to a dull throb on the top.  Dear body, please stop hating me! I'm trying to be nice to you for a change!

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