Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Days 6 and 7

Holy crap, it's already been a week!  I get so lost in my school work that, really, short of counting days like this, I'm pretty much oblivious to the passage of time.  Which reminds me... it's already the second half of October.  When did that happen???

Anyway, Day 6 (yesterday) I was really good up until the last few hours when I sat down to do my work... then I cracked.  Honestly though, I didn't have much of an appetite.  I made myself eat some bacon and an apple for breakfast so I wouldn't be going ten hours on an empty stomach, then about five hours later my stomach decided it wanted food, so I ate some dried apple and then caved and went to Wendy's for a salad... after which I felt gross and nauseous again.  I was a mix of hungry/would rather puke than eat all during class until I started back toward my car when I got really hungry again.  Thankfully, Emily shared her dinner, veggies cooked with a tiny bit of ground beef in chicken broth.  I made us some sweet potato hashbrowns in bacon grease afterward, and that was when I caved to the cold Pepsi Throwback staring at me from the fridge.  Of course, I got my work done.... three Pepsi's later.... I really should have learned by now that when I'm intending to cheat and sit down with a soda I should not by a 12 pack of cans.

Cheating aside, I walked almost five miles yesterday to and from my car (twice), to and from the post office (twice), and around campus.  Woohoo.  I'm trying to remember how my head felt, and I'm pretty sure it was hurting toward evening, but I can't remember (the whole barely knowing what day it is thing...).

Day 7, my head has been heavy and achy since about 5.  Part of it was stress - only one of my classmates came prepared for class, which I will refrain from complaining about because it's completely pointless.  (If I had a headache yesterday, I'm sure it was related to some of the people in that class as well.... but I was in a surprisingly good mood on my way home... yay for singing bad Jpop and getting caught air drumming at stop lights! :P)  Food-wise, I've been good today.  Left over hashbrowns and some iced tea for breakfast.  Lunch was dried apples and more iced tea (at school), and then for dinner I had the last of the pork and baked veggies.  I've also been snacking on bananas (two of them...) and had a glass of cranberry juice in a rather pointless effort to try and dull my headache.  Why I feel that would help is beyond me.  A wiser woman would just take some pain killers....

At least I can mostly eat today.  My stomach is still unhappy, but it's not threatening revolt anymore.  I wanted to go to the gym today, but not with this headache.  My ears are also ringing incredibly loudly today.  Hopefully tomorrow.

As a good yet sort of surprising development, I'm now down to 137 lbs (from 142 lbs a little over a week ago).  When did this happen?  No clue, but I'm not going to complain.  I'm almost to pre-returning-to-America levels.

Last but not least, some progress and cuteness!

The miracle part - nobody got bopped!  They just laid there.  Ophelia was on the armrest. It was adorable.

And now, I think I shall try to sleep early and hopefully get a good night's rest.  Still not doing so hot on that goal, but maybe tonight!

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