Saturday, 20 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Days 3 and 4

I was really good yesterday.  Actually Thursday I finished off the night with a small glass of wine to help me sleep (tried chamomile tea first and was still practically vibrating), but that's not that bad.  Yesterday I had some fruit for breakfast, lunch was a salad with bacon and chia and sesame seeds.  My new dressing was good! I'm rather pleased with how it turned out! Dinner was really super thin pork chops (at least that's what Emily said they were, and I'll take her word for it because the only part of a pig that I usually eat is bacon) and a baked veggie medley that had acorn squash, carrots, onions, parsnips, and apparently a potato (? I did not see this go in there!) in mustard with salt, pepper, fennel seeds, and lord knows what else coated in coconut oil.  It was delicious!  Emily did most of the cooking while I was studying, hence why I'm not 100% sure what all the spices were.  Other than a bottle of Newcastle in the evening and probably too many bananas, I call yesterday a rather healthy day!

I also worked out at the gym for an hour.  The trainer showed me the machines, but I'm not sure how much I'll use most of them.  They bug my elbows more than the free weights do, and they're really just awkward to use.  But good to know anyway.

Today... well today started off with a banana and iced tea and then quickly devolved into pizza, couch flopping, and The Sword in the Stone.  I woke up super late because I didn't go to bed until sometime around 4AM and even then I just couldn't fall asleep.  Woke up feeling like someone was stabbing just above my left ear and, lo, my lips were white again.... I really try not to sleep on my back, but it's the only comfortable way to sleep sometimes.  I wonder how all of this is related - my total inability to fall asleep, discomfort in my whole body when I lay down, pain in my lower back when I sit, not sleeping well, waking up with a headache and white lips...  That more than the others because that's actually dangerous.

Apparently tonight is party night in my building.  I hate apartments.  I can hear the bass from people two floors above me.  Oh the times I wish I was an intimidating looking, large male instead of a small wimpy looking female.  I could ramble about how I don't understand what's wrong with people (seriously, how do you even tolerate bass that loud in a small room??) but it would be pointless, and I'm already well into procrastinating on my homework.  I wish the library was open this late, I'd just go there and be blissfully away from the noise.  I miss being out in the middle of nowhere.  Ironically, it was quieter in Tokyo at night.  *sigh*

So we'll give this another go tomorrow, and hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day all around.  I might try to get to the library for a while if only to be in a place where I can focus more.  Though it is nice to have a dog or cat curled up on my lap while I'm studying. ^__^

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