Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Days 13, 14, and 15

Day 13
To be completely honest, I only occasionally let myself be concerned with food beyond "I should probably feed myself" for the last couple of days.    Breakfast on coming home from the vet who said Soushi might never get better was Wendy's, dinner after class was Taco Bell, and there were many cans of soda keeping me awake as I only got a few hours of sleep.  Continuation of raging headache that nothing would touch, couldn't really sleep because my entire body hurt no matter how I was laying/sitting.... apparently I was upset, and I'm sure eating heathy would have been better than not caring at all, but I did not have the mental energy to care.

Day 14
I started out on a bit of a better note yesterday.  I slept like the dead for about six hours and had a salad with chicken breast and iced tea for breakfast.  I was, however, completely unprepared for class, though one of my classmates sent me her notes since she knew about my kitty, and those did help.  It was still stressful though, and I forgot one of my notebooks, and it was just a mess.  Dinner ended up being at the Pizza House with my boyfriend and his friends.  There was nothing remotely healthy about that meal.  My headache slowly eased up by bedtime though, and I slept for about seven or eight hours on and off.

Day 15
I ate leftovers for breakfast... with sugary caffeine.  It was there, but thankfully my headache was mostly gone, just body ache today.  I'm imagining dinner, when I get to it, will be the leftover salad from yesterday.  I'm trying not to stress out today, but my motivation is pretty low, and I have a ton to do....  Mild headache, and my stomach is still unhappy, though not as bad as it was on Sunday.

Good news, Soushi seems to be doing a lot better.  He's moving around on his own, drinking, eating, and even meowed a couple of times!!  I'm praying that whatever it was has passed, and he'll just keep getting back to his normal self from here.  He's still got me a bit worried, but I like the progress I'm seeing!!!

That's all for now.  I'm going to spend the rest of today trying to get my stress levels back down so I can focus on what needs to get done and actually get it done (if I can ignore the sound of the TV... I really hate TVs...).  Back on track tomorrow, if I can find the energy to do it.  It take so much energy to prepare and cook food (I hate cooking about as much as I hate listening to people watch TV) that eating primal, finding foods and especially easy foods that aren't filled with preservatives, grains, or sugars, is just exhausting.  I'm the type of person who would rather just not eat when I'm stressed, and I know I need to eat, but I don't have the energy to put much thought other than "food in face" into the process.  Going to try again tomorrow, and at least then all the bad stuff will be out of the house and I won't have the money to go buy more.  Narrowing the options is one way to keep on track (though I did sit and eat a half a bag of dark chocolate chips yesterday.... so it doesn't always help...).

Diving into the books now.  I've accumulated eight from the library in addition to the two I have for class and the folders of articles on my iPad. @__@  I can do this...

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