Sunday, 28 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge - Day 12

I'm only writing this because I said I would do 28 days.  I'm a stressed out mess, and I don't give a damn what I put in my body right now if it would make my headache go away.  Actually, to a small extent I do, but food is just upsetting my already upset stomach, and soda is an easy comfort.  Sadly, it's not helping me focus.  Coffee did not help - I tried...

Soushi is still not really moving that much.  His gums look fine, and I've been kinda force feeding him fluids.  I got him to eat a bit of kibble and some treats too.  I just really need one of the vets to take him in tomorrow morning.  Thank you those of you who donated.  It will help.  Hopefully it will cover it all.  I doubt if there will be any left over, but if there is, it'll go to an animal rescue.

I have to try to get some work done.  I have such a long list of thing that I need to do - work, school work... not to mention house stuff and life chaos.  I've been a mess all day and managed to read one article, but I don't really remember much past the dried fetuses used for staunching blood (history of wound medicine).... oh, and for some reason the Japanese authors were using the word for "cat" to mean "badger," and "tanuki" is being translated as "badger."  I thought they looked more like ugly raccoons personally, but my caring is about nil right now.

I  know the best thing for me would be to just take the rest of the night off, cuddle Soushi, and take care of me.  I just need to convince my brain that it's okay to do that.

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