Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Personal Primal Challenge Day 1

So, I did really well over the summer, eating healthy, being outside all day every day, staying active, getting enough sleep, mostly controlling my stress... (mostly).  After a month an a half of grad school, none of this is the case anymore.  I'm too exhausted to bother with cooking; when people offer me free food, I'm too broke to say "Oh, no, I'm trying not to eat bread/rice/sugar/whatever,"; I sit basically all day every day, unless I'm pacing, taking the dog out to pee; my sleep schedule is all over the place, and when I do sleep it's not restful and I wake up feeling awful.  And what is this stress control?

It's time for a reboot.

Starting over.

Actually the timing is rather horrible since I have a midterm, uh, tomorrow, but I feel like crap and if I don't start doing something now, I'll just keep feeling like crap, a state of being that I don't particularly enjoy... at all.

My goals for this month:
- Some activity of some kind for at least an hour every day
- No more headaches!!!
- Normalized sleep schedule/pattern (as much as this is possible)
- No more spinal cracking whenever I shift or take a deep breath
- No more back pain
- Stress under control
- Losing a few more pounds and fitting into more of my clothes would be a nice bonus
- Also, being able to do 1 or 2 pull-ups would be freaking awesome

So, along those lines, this blog is going to be mostly devoted to me getting healthy for the next four weeks.  Strict Paleo, and no more cheating with rice cause it's easy.  I have lettus in the fridge that's just as easy to cut into a salad - no more easy cheats.  I made a giant pitcher of iced tea and cut up a ton of fruit that's currently being dehydrated for snacks.  Now I just need to figure out easier ways to do meals during the week.  My roommate and I went to Planet Fitness and got memberships today (and worked out).  It's right down the road, and now when I want to go for a walk at 10PM I don't have the "it's dark out" excuse cause it's a 24 hour gym.  I also signed up for one of the personal training meetings to have someone show me around more, and today the trainer showed me how to use the assisted pull-up machine.  My goal for that is to drop the assist weight every time or so until I can do them on my own.

Today my cheat was a glass of cranberry juice when I woke up (cause I felt like crap and was sulking about having to be conscious).

For breakfast I had ground beef with sautéed carrots and onion and iced tea.  We ran out of ground beef, so it wasn't a big serving.  Lunch was leftovers, ground beef with stir-fried yams, onion, carrots, kale, and mushrooms.  I also snacked on some of the fruit as we were cutting it up, a couple pieces of pineapple and kiwi.  For dinner, Emily made sausage and kale soup with, obviously, sausage and kale, onion, yellow squash, and white potato.  Dessert is a couple pieces of dried apple (we're out until the ones in the dehydrator finish) and pumpkin spice chai (no cream, it doesn't need it.. seriously it's amazing).

All in all, even including the glass of cranberry juice this morning, I didn't do at all bad.  And I got to the gym, finally.  I've been "planning to" for about two weeks now.  Now I can just go.  I've felt groggy and like crap all day though.  My back still hurts, and I'm still a little headachy and sleepy.  I even took a nap this afternoon (and had a really messed up dream with zombies, panthers, and election campaigns...), but I still just want to go to bed.  Can't though, need to study.  Exam that I'm not ready for tomorrow, so I at least need to devote the next few hours to that.  I want to go to bed at a decent hour tonight though (and wake up at a decent hour tomorrow).  Hopefully the idiots upstairs don't wake me up at 4AM again.

On that note, I'd better get to studying.

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