Friday, 27 July 2012

In with the good, out with the bad

I'm focusing on the positive today - I lost eleven pounds!!!  Nineteen more to my goal, and bodies are awesome! Cold or not, I'm totally wearing my mini skirts every chance I get this winter.  I miss them!  And the shorts I bought myself two weeks ago to go to the beach?  Yeah, they don't really fit anymore.  I'm not complaining.

I can't say this month has been anything near easy, but at least food and my weight are two things I haven't had to worry about.  Literally all I'm doing is not eating grains or refined sugar.  I fry half of my meals (in sesame oil or bacon grease) and am hardly ever actually hungry.  I munch on berries or nuts (that I baked in coconut oil, cashew butter, and raw honey) throughout the day, eat a couple of good meals with red meat when I have it, and I'm not exercising a fraction of what I used to.  I'm on my feet at work all day, and honestly that's about it.  Once a week I've been biking a couple miles into town or going to the beach or running laps around the house outside with Loki instead of every two days busting my butt at the gym and with dumbbells on every other day.  (*Note* This is me still being surprised at the flaws of conventional wisdom here.  I'll get over it eventually.)  I got a migraine yesterday, but aside from the times I've cheated on my food and eaten stuff I shouldn't have, it's the first headache I've had since I started this a month ago.  I 100% blame current stress and nasty people at work.  Day two is coming on with tension in my neck... I'll be taking a Magnesium and migraine pill shortly, which will be the first of either I've taken in, oh let's count it, about a month.

Moving on from that (I'm seriously excited to bursting about the scale - first time it's dropped below 145 since last fall!), I've finished two more books which puts me at 12/24.  A Feast for Crows, which may be the last of the Song of Ice and Fire books that I read as it was a complete drag to get through, and The Way of Shadows, book 1 of the Night Angels trilogy.  Yeah, I read that in under two days.  Holy crap was it good.  Assassins and magic and intrigue and everything modern fantasy wants and usually drops the ball on mixing well.  The ending was kinda stupid and cliche, but there are two more books (currently on order at Books-A-Million) so I'll hold off on final judgement.  My coworkers have discovered my love of reading, and now that I'm in the middle of reading 月の影 影の海, which I've had on my re-read list for about three years (didn't understand most of it the first time around) and is two books long, I now also have a copy of The Giver and Fahrenheit 451 that I have to get through in the next month before I move again.  My boss also has a historical fiction about King Harold (last Anglo-Saxon king of England) that he wants to lend me.  I wish I had more time!!

It's good to be reading in Japanese again though.  I've been avoiding it aside from the translating I've been doing here and there.  The good news is, though, I haven't really forgotten much.  Even some of the level 1 kanji that I crammed for the N1 test three years ago and never used since are still in there apparently.  Lots of memories coming back though, which is good but sad.  It makes me miss my friends, but I would do it all over again, even knowing what I do now.  I really should get on studying again though.  I'm not taking remedial Japanese at U-M because I tested poorly.  Not that I'm overly worried.  I'll easily test out of the required courses, but the biggest reason I want to study there is to take their medieval Japanese.  And then there's the part of me that grudgingly knows I should have studied just a little harder for N1 and gotten that .5% better so I would just have that stupid certificate already.  I doubt if it'll happen this year... but we'll see how busy I am with work.  It'll be a good reason to go visit Matt in Chicago anyway... not that I really need one.

Apartment has also been found and applied for.  This is super exciting news, and my tentative move day is around the 25th of August.  I'll be sad to leave my coworkers though, they're freaking awesome people.  Lame sounding as it is, I have to get their addresses before I go so I can mail them Christmas presents if nothing else.  Speaking of presents, I need to make more of my bead guys.  I haven't had the space to do any crafts really this summer.  I'm so excited to have my own apartment again!!

So that's the gist of the good.  I may go make some coffee and try out the coconut milk I bought to help this headache.  And I need to find my migraine medicine.  Then I think I'll go play with Loki outside for a bit before work if it eases up a bit.  It might rain again today, which is good.  I know this area of the country has been really lucky with rain about twice a month.  It's Friday, which means work will be pretty busy this evening even if it does rain... which is good.  It can get boring in the evenings.

I can't believe it's almost August!

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