Thursday, 12 July 2012

I did a dumb thing

I got lazy when I was hungry and made a frozen pizza last night.  Never again.... which is sad because I really love pizza and it's really the one food I miss eating paleo/primal.  Everything hurt; my insides, my head, my skin (!).  Not badly, mind you, but when you haven't been hurting at all for a couple weeks, I really noticed it.  I went to bed just feeling yucky, slept like the dead, and woke up again at the crack of dawn.  I'm really not sure why I keep doing that.... it's quite the struggle to get back to sleep after the sun is up, but I'm working 12-8:30 so habit is telling me "Go back to sleep."  Which is really dumb too.  I could get up at 5:30 when I'm wide awake and feeling pretty well refreshed and have a nice morning rather than having a long evening after work.... Having a roommate makes going to sleep early and getting up early difficult too, especially in close quarters.

So that was my dumb thing, after I posted yesterday about how great I felt.  I'm still a little sluggish today, either from staying up too late or from a carb crash.  So sad about the pizza though.  I really do love pizza.  I'll have to make mom's zucchini and squash pizza soon... once my zucchini gets big enough and the squash comes in. ^_^ Picked the first zucchini off the plant yesterday, perfect size for putting in my meals.  Fay wants to grow them bigger for zucchini bread (which I can't eat), so I figure the next couple I'll let get big-ish.  Bummed we only have one plant.  Not that we have room for more than one plant.  I wanted a bit bigger of a garden, but Fay wanted to use a garden box instead of clearing out the old garden and planting in the actual ground, and I don't want to pay $30 for a bag of dirt, so we're using about 1/3 of the garden box and have five plants crammed in there.  Only the zucchini plant is really growing anything.  We might get a few tomatoes, but neither tomato plant looks very healthy.  Hopefully next summer I'll be able to have a decent sized garden.  I love fresh veggies.

Still apartment hunting for the fall.  Actually my soon-to-be-roommate is apartment hunting for us.  She's found one that would be nice, but it's at the outer edge of our budget.  The nicest mobile home she found was next to a landfill, which doesn't surprise me but is rather unfortunate.  Still have a few weeks left to search, but it'd be nice to know where I'm moving to next so I don't have that to worry about anymore.  I hope we can be close to Ann Arbor so I can look for a full time job there and still be close enough to school.  That would be ideal.  We shall see.

For now... no more pizza for me. :(

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