Wednesday, 20 June 2012


10/24 on books now! I just finished A Storm of Swords today. It was an improvement over A Clash of Kings and A Game of Thrones, apparently none of which I logged as books that I've read, but I've uh... read them all this year.  So unless I'm completely overlooking a post on them, I'm almost on track for my book goals.  Don't have that much to say about those right now though.  I've commented some before about A Game of Thrones in a previous post while I was reading it.  Each one is an improvement on the last in terms of writing, though Martin is still weak with outlining action scenes and his characters aren't always very believable.  Still, they're enjoyable and make for fun debates.  I've also seen the first two seasons of the TV show now.... I like the books better, but the characters' ages are more realistic in the movie, even if you consider that it's supposed to be medieval fantasy.  Eight year-olds just aren't that clever or rational.

On the work front, the park is going well.  The biting flies (not black flies) were awful today.  It was supposed to rain, but so far it's still dry as a bone so they'll probably be just as bad tomorrow.... which is unfortunate because it makes everybody cranky, and we already deal with enough crank from people who think all parks should be perfectly maintained, manned, and free.  I have no apologies or sympathy for them. They're all driving nice cars and on vacation.  I haven't had a vacation in years and I'm expected to be able to live on $7/hour... and I spent the $10 to get the annual pass for the parks.  It's ten freaking dollars.  It's amazing that the nicer the car, generally the stingier and bitchier the visitor.  I'd make a blog entry about it, but I value my low paying job as it's the only one I'm likely to get where I'm currently couch-surfing and I don't want it traced back to me.  Bitchy visitors write to their senators about stupider things.

Signing off for now.  I'm bone tired from the heat and swatting flies (and dealing with training a rather clueless coworker) all day.  The longest day of the year is over for this year.  If the flies weren't so bad, I would have loved to watch the sunset over the lake.  Hope everyone enjoyed their day!