Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's Crunch Time

And I'm busy being distracted by a boat load of non-school related stress, insomnia, and the interwebs (not that I can stay on one page for more than a couple minutes...)

All of my term papers start being due as of 18 hours from now.  I haven't opened the file for the first one since I wrote the first draft.  Why?  Because it's freaking depressing and I'm already busy crying over everything else.  The next is due Monday (and guess who hasn't started it), then the last is due Wednesday.  I was going to go to Bentley tomorrow to finish up my research, but since I haven't gotten around to sorting through the research I've already done, methinks that will happen after class on Monday.  Should be less stressed out over the other two papers by then and be able to focus a little better.  Then it's work for a few days, last two exams, work for four, then somehow manage to move... somewhere.  I haven't heard back from Leelanau State Park yet, and I'm trying not to freak out because I was supposed to hear from them "early" this week.  If I don't get that job... well, frankly, May and June will absolutely suck and then I'll be jobless unless I can find something else.  So I'm just praying (really hard) that they're busy and they'll call me tomorrow.  If they don't, I'm calling them anyway, because I'm not freaking waiting all weekend to know whether or not I got it.  May is too close, and I need to at least steel myself for sleeping on a couch for the next two months if I didn't get it.

Books update though, add two more!  Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII by Captain William Putney and This Realm of England: 1399-1688 by Lacey Baldwin Smith.  I'm not at 7/24!

Always Faithful was fantastic.  It was super easy to read, really interesting, and got me thinking about the non-fighting side of war, i.e., training, logistics, transport.  I read this for my USN/MC history class and wrote a review for that, so again, I may post that once the class is over.

This Realm of England is the second in the History of England series, but I didn't like it as much as the first.  It's written by a different author, and the writing was still good.  The subject matter was a lot more, I don't know... political?  That might be the right word.  In this volume, England and its major players start to look familiar.  The bulk of the book is Elizabeth I onward, which is a pretty short time span considering how many centuries (like 10 +...) the first volume covered.  I've never been a fan of studying the Reformation because it's simply too political when I really just want it to be religious, and I think that's what bugged me about reading this volume.  It's not the book's fault.  That's how it was.  Religion and politics went hand-in-hand.  Still readable though, far less dense than the first.

And thus my attention shifts to something new.  I should at least open that stupid file and fix the bibliography. -_-;

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