Monday, 19 March 2012

My New Procrastination is Visiting Fitness Websites...

My to days of emotional explosions over the weekend, 1) were probably very needed as apparently a lot was bothering me that I was ignoring [see last post re: earthquake] and 2) really are going to bite me in the butt this week.  I did manage to get the paper done that was due today, a book report on Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan.  Unfortunately, I do not get to add that to my book count yet...hehe?  I'll have to finish it over the summer.  I won't bore you with the list of my assignments, tests, and presentations this week, but needless to say... I'm so not ready.

It's okay though, cause I still have four hours to finish the first assignment!  (For the record, I really hate cutting it this close...)

So, off the subject of school, I've resumed the good old calorie counting and busting my butt at the gym as a means of "dieting."  I hate that word though.  Anything you eat is your diet, so why does dieting mean eating special foods to lose weight?  Anyway, I'm tracking on two websites.  On I am tracking food calories and calories burned from exercises.  I'm aiming for 1200/day, but apparently, according to the USDA's website, I eat too much fruit.  I thumb my nose at that one, there is no such thing!  The other one is fitocracy, and I may have plugged both of these before, but they're pretty awesome sites.  I'm currently level 13, and it's always pleasing after a workout to see the "points" that I "earned," especially on days like last Wednesday when I earned 1622 points.  I only earned 650 today, but I didn't do all the strength training.  Still, it's gratifying.

Measuring portions, however, sucks.  The picture to the side is actually more than one "serving" of pasta, because 3/4 cup of dry penne is not enough for a meal... so I added 1/3 cup and don't ask me to total that.  I remember how to add fractions, but I find them bothersome and therefore generally just put in different entries. :P  But the sauce is one serving, 1/3 cup, and so is the parmesan cheese, 1 tbsp.  That last one is the only pleasing one, though I suppose if I had only used 3/4 cup of pasta then it would have had enough sauce, but seriously, that was just disappointing.  I'm full though, so that's at least good, and I know to measure my pasta now before I cook it because I tend to just dump it in the pot from the box based on how hungry I am.

I am also back on an iced green tea kick.  Kirkland imports Ito-en tea bags, which is amazing cause Oi-ocha is what I drank like water pretty much every day in warm weather for four years and if I had known this last summer, oh man, I would have been far less bummed out by the heat.  Anyway, they sell it at Costco in packs of 100.  It takes about 6 tea bags to make a pitcher of iced tea.  If you're going to make it, I cannot stress enough, don't follow the directions on the pack!! They're wrong!  Don't let the water reach boiling and don't let it steep more than 30-40 seconds.  Actually for iced tea I don't pour the extra powder in either because it makes the bottom of the pitcher funky after a day or so.  A great bonus, in 8 oz of Ito-en bottled green tea you get 140% of your daily value of vitamin C.  I don't have the box anymore to check the tea bag information, but I believe it's the same.  Also, according to WebMD (and popular opinion, at least in Japan), unfermented tea leaves, i.e. green tea, helps control weight.  It also has zero calories, unless you're putting other crap things in it, like honey or lemon juice.  Drink it straight and it's amazing for you.  I also, personally, really like the flavor, but I'll admit, it's an acquired taste.  It took me a couple months of drinking the dark (stronger) Oi-ocha to be able to really enjoy the lighter one.  I did that on purpose though, cause I really didn't like it when I first moved to Osaka.  But it really does grow on you.  And really, it tastes so much better if you don't follow the directions and only steep it for 30 seconds.  Those are the directions you get on bags of tea, lose or bagged, in Japan.  I really don't know why they say 2-3 minutes here.  It's bitter and just downright nasty in my opinion.  Of course they also add citrus juices, honey, and other sweeteners to green tea, which also makes me gag.  I go for Lipton Pureleaf Unsweetened when I'm out and want iced tea.  Though there are two really depressing things about this.  1) redirects to a facebook page @__@, and 2) it's $1.89 at the shops where I've seen it, which is $0.30 more than soda.  Go figure. >_>

And that's enough procrastinating for now.  My paper is due in 3.5 hours now, so I should probably get going on that... after I pour myself some iced tea. ^__^

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