Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Organizing Stuff

First, just let me say, being a graceful human being must be nice. Ow ow ow and one more OW!!  I am so sore today!  Happily though, while my ankle is doing worse, my wrist is doing a lot better.  Maybe should have iced my ankle as much as I iced my wrist.  Oh well.  Left knee and both shoulders are unhappy today though, wow.  I would like never to fall that hard again, thank you very much.

So I gave myself an extra hour of sleep and hit the ground hobbling this morning.  Patched my jeans and washed them.  They came out wearable.  They were beginning to fray in places anyway, so they weren't the nicest pair of jeans around, but tear on the knee isn't exactly my style.  Got to use the new iron I got for Christmas too.  It's a nice iron!  Picked up the house a bit, since I got behind the last couple of days, then set to my school work.  All set on the WMU application, just have to print everything and mail it tomorrow.  Overnighting it because I am a flake and overlooked the bit about having to mail physical copies to the history department as well as filling out the online application for the university.  UM's was long and terrifying to write up, but seriously Western, can't you just share my transcripts?  Hope those get there on time.  Anyway, I'll be happy when that's all done and I can jump into applying for summer internships and jobs.  It never ends.

Five history classes is going to be interesting.  The total count as of right now is three term papers, three book reviews, fifteen short answer assignments, three "short" essays, three essay tests, five multiple choice tests,  ten reading synopses, and five text books.  This is not counting the African Women's history class which hasn't started yet, though I'm emailing the professor for the syllabus tomorrow if I haven't gotten one yet because we only have three classes and it's supposed to be a writing intensive class.... and we have three text books and I would prefer not to read them all in one week.  The good news?  I finally get to use the voice recorder I got a year ago for a class.  I'm oddly excited about this fact.  No textbook for the class, and a lot of information, so he encourages us to record it.  Sweet!  Got two marines in the class though, and they're already up in arms with him.  Should be interesting.  A friend of mine from last semester and I both had a face-meet-desk moment in our French history class, oh about ten minutes in.  Ah freshmen who feel the to try to prove the professor wrong.  I shudder to think I was like that... but I do remember getting into debates with professors, so I probably was.

Anywho, thus ends my break for the day.  Three more hours before bed, and I intend to spend them getting a bit of my reading done.  Five text books... plus three monographs... well at least I'll stay on top of my 24 books to read this year goal.

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