Monday, 9 January 2012

Moving Forward

I just hit submit on my application to U-M for grad school.  It's later than I wanted to send it by a week, but I hit submit before their deadline.  Not sure why it takes an electronic application three days to reach the university, but I really hope they don't count that against me.  I've got enough odds stacked against me with this application, but my letters are good, I did amazing on the GRE (89th percentile in verbal, 61st in quantitative, that one was crappy, and 96th in writing), and if I'm supposed to be there, being a middle class WASP from a blue-collar university won't matter.  I am proud of that writing score though. :P  Score was out of 6, I got a 5.5.  And apparently the verbal is supposed to be as hard as the quantitative (math), but I rocked it.  I'm pleased... and in an odd mood.  Injured myself walking today.  It's in my genes, I can't help being a clutz, though the fact that the grass is three inches lower than the concrete on campus really doesn't help my propensity to fall.  My wrist and ankle are pretty messed up, and my knee hurts a bit. I'm furious that I ripped my only pair of blue jeans.  Likely will be hunting for a pair that fits at the Salvation Army this weekend.  Grr.  Driving home was hard, and I had a "need to be somewhere safe NOW" panicky thirty minutes or so, so this evening's been really weird.  I still got my application done though, despite being all achy and brain fuzzy.  I also have an awesome mom who iced my bruises and gave me a big hug today, so that made me feel a million times better.  :)

Now to bed!  Only jobs I found for tomorrow were in kindergartens, and, considering it hurts to stand, I don't think that's wise, so it's finish WMU's application, apply for summer jobs, and hardcore study time tomorrow.  Alas, no exercising for me this week. T__T

Also!! Before I forget, not going to review it cause typing kinda hurts, but I finished book 2/24, Prince Caspian.  I read it before apparently, cause I remembered all of it as I was reading it, but it was a nice, relaxing, talking critters being awesome kind of book and exactly what I wanted to read.  Ok, not true, I wanted sparkling unicorns, but I have a few books in Chronicles of Narnia between me and the sparkling unicorn, so I figured, you know, baby steps. :P  No really bed time.

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