Friday, 30 December 2011

Smoothie, or Another Attempt at Eating Healthy

While Mom and Gary were living here in the fall, before their Magic Bullet kicked the bucket, mom and I were trying out smoothies for breakfast as a way to cut back on the calories of breakfast foods which, in my case, totaled roughly half of my daily calorie budget.  I'm not one to "diet" in the traditional way of cutting out food if I break my calorie limit and all that, but since I've been back in the US I've gained around 25 pounds, none of my clothes fit, and I feel awful.  So I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise daily.  I've gotten the exercise part down pretty well.  Just about every day I do strength training; lifting small dumbbells, crunches, kneeling push-ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, all that good stuff.  I also make an effort to play Wii Fit at least a little bit, and sometimes it intersects with my strength training.  I like the yoga games for stretching, and the balance games are just fun.  Or I'll play DDR for cardio and push myself to either make a calorie count on the "diet" portion of the game or just go for 30+ minutes.  Once I'm back at school I'll have access to their gym again, and I'll get back to running/rowing. I'm also on, and I'm now 3/4 the way through level 7.  It's just a nice little incentive, and they have "quests" and a community of support.  If you're interested and want an invite, please let me know!

So that was a bit of a diversion from my main topic, which was smoothies.  My family knows this, I think... at least my mom does, because I HATE yogurt (even with strawberries, hehe, narf).  In Japan, twice I tried to get myself to eat it every day, and both tries lasted over a month.  I know it's healthy, and it is a good little snack, but I hate it.  The Aloe was okay (yes, I know that's weird here in America), and the fruit medley with white peach was passable, only because I love white peach just as much as I hate yogurt, but both times I just got sick of trying to force the nasty stuff down.  So, needless to say, when mom and I started making breakfast smoothies, with a cup of yogurt in each smoothie, despite the yum of the fruit, I kinda choked them down cause of the yarg yogurt.  Well, long story short, grandma and grandpa got a new blender... I think for Christmas, and lately I've been collecting household items since I either left mine in Japan or didn't bother with them in Japan due to space constraints (though I did bring back my rice cooker and kettle... loved those too much to leave behind).  I think the blender came up because I was asking to borrow one, mistaking the name for mixer when I was getting ready to make my Christmas presents (marshmallows).  I ended up buying a mixer for 50% off ($10) at Meijer, so that was nice.  So grandma was getting rid of her old blender and gave it to me.  Today I went to the store for groceries and decided to pick up some stuff to try to make a smoothie.!!!!

Here's the recipe if you're interested:

2 cups of frozen fruit - I used the fruit medley with nectarines, grapes, strawberries, and all that
1/4 cup of low fat, organic yogurt - to thicken it
2 tbsp of plain oatmeal
1 cup of orange juice - I had the Simply Orange kind with high pulp

And that's it.  I had the honey out in case I wanted to sweeten it, but I'm glad I waited because it doesn't need it at all.  The orange juice, something I can't usually drink on its own because of the acidity, completely drowns out the yogurt, and it just tastes like frozen fruity yum.  I put the oatmeal in there to have something somewhat substantial in my stomach (and I got the idea from a couple smoothie recipes online, same with the orange juice).  I'm still drinking this lovely concoction, and I keep giving myself the starts of brain freezes because I want to drink it faster than I should.  I may cut back a little on the orange juice next time, so I can taste more of the other fruits, but I'm overall incredibly pleased, considering I guessed at what measurements would be good.  I added up all the calories, and according to my calculation one serving, which is about a 16 ounce cup full, is 366 calories, and 290 of those are from 100% fruit, so that's not bad.  The yogurt was 38 and oatmeal was the same. 

And I can officially say, my stomach is satisfied at the "almost finished" point, though knowing me I'll be hungry in about an hour.  Still, yummy and I figured worth sharing. :)  Maybe at some point I'll get around to sharing the marshmallow recipes Fay and I came up with.

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