Saturday, 24 September 2011


Apparently once a month is about all I can handle, and this will likely be brief since I'm actually procrastinating quite a bit and should get going on school stuff.

Life update: It's been turned on its head again.  School is great though.  I love my classes, especially my research class.  I just wish I had more time/energy to devote to it.  I got "fired" from my job for going to doctors' appointments, so we reached an agreement where they replaced me when they find someone new and I can look for a new job... so I found a new job instead of get replaced, and now I'm a substitute teacher and working on a couple of other PT leads.  It'll work out, I know.  I'm actually pretty calm about the whole thing.  I was shocked when it happened, and angry over the reasons and the BS around it, but hey, the doctor found out what's wrong with me and we're treating it, so that's the most important part.  Still in some pain, but it'll just take time, and thank God it's nothing serious, just over-worked muscles in an area I did not even know had muscles.  Go figure.  And teaching is... well, magical is a gentle word for it, but I've already found one school I'm not going back to (bloody lips and noses from fists and 40 completely out of control kids who don't even listen when the vice principal yells at them... yeah, no).  It's good though.  It's much lower stress than the office (go figure that one out, I'm going to put it as the office had too many triggers in it), which is something I need right now, and it's flexible, which is also needed with school and all.

So I guess that encompassed life and job updates... and school even.  So onto "future goals update" I had my TFA phone interview today.  I think it went well.  I rambled a bit at the end, but I can only do what I can do, and if it's God's will, He'll do the rest.  I have the online activity to do this weekend, and I'm far too exhausted to do it today, but I really should.... I don't really want to work on stuff on my birthday, but I have that (2 hours) plus two assignments and a lot of readings... and mostly today has been grappling with life, finances, and finding my brain, plus that hour long phone interview.  I was thinking of going to Ren Fest tomorrow, but I think I'll just be stressed and not enjoy it all that much if I do.

That's pretty much it.  I can't believe I'm turning 26.  It was a year ago already that I saw Metallica on my birthday.  I guess not much can top that huh?  That was pretty awesome.

Final note: I moved to google+ if any of you guys has it and wants to add me.  I don't know who all is on there yet, so either add me or shoot me an email. :)

Off to try to make a dent in the work load.