Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What is wrong with people here?

I know that sounds harsh, but seriously, I just got off the phone with two different doctors offices and both treated me like crap.  Receptionists, phone manners, kinda go hand in hand.  Accross the street from Beaumont Troy, um... okay, that's on both sides of the road... in the new building?  "I don't know ma'am, we're across the street from Beaumont."  Those are directions??  What's wrong with people here???  I'm just trying to make an appointment.  I'm a new patient.  I don't have a doctor there, I just said I was recommended to call, don't get snippy with me and act like I should know exactly what to say to you people.

Yesterday when I bought my phone the sales guys were in the back talking (quite loudly) and goofing around.  At Kroger there were three baggers standing at the end of the aisle I was in, and talk about crowded, and the cashier had to go get the application for their card.  All three handed me my bags at once, like I have six hands to take them all when the cart is behind me.  At Meijer I got lifted eyebrows and a snotty attitude from the greeter when I asked where the Red Box return place was, cause I'm obviously supposed to know something that obvious.  At least she gave me the directions though.

Why does it seem like everyone in customer service is either goofing off, asking a question for every sentence, or talking to me like I'm a moron?  Is it just me?  I'm not 100% for Japanese customer service either, cause that fake smile is pretty darn creepy to be honest, but am I carrying over expectations from that?  I don't remember noticing it this much before, or was it different three years ago?  I'm confused, really, really confused.  It makes me want to go somewhere else, but everywhere I go is like that.  Verizon, Kroger, Meijer, CVS, Wallgreen, Target, Subway, gas station, Taco Bell, family restaurant, airport, bank, currency exchange, doctor's office, everywhere.  How am I supposed to respond to that?  I'm not necessarily annoyed unless three people are handing me bags at once or I'm getting ignored or talked down to, but it's really confusing.

Okay, yeah, I'll figure it out in a few weeks/months/whatever.  Still, it's clashing with what's in my memory, which is making the whole adjusting to what I'm supposed to already know even more confusing.  And I really, really don't want to hear the phrase "You're an American, what's there to get used to?" or anything like it ever again.  I try to respond with grace, but it never gets through, and grace is something that I tend to lack.

In other news, today's job application tally is up to two phone calls, four applications, and one rejection.  I also finished Ceremony, which puts my book count up to 11/50 I believe.  I'm currently halfway through Candide.  It's very abrupt, but considering the man wrote it with a quill pen in three days, what can you expect?  Cats are good, I'm healthy and survived the doctor's prodding for my physical yesterday (OW!!!).  I might scream at somebody if they tell me I'm not looking hard enough for a job as I can no longer count the applications and resumes I've put out.  It's really frustrating.  I've only heard back from one for a phone interview so far, and I get to wait another month to hear yay or nay on an in-person interview on that one.  I'm appalled at the price of gas, but I'm sure everybody else is too.  I'd take lower gas prices over health insurance that's kinda sorta working right now, but that might just be because my priorities are funky and I'm opinionated about things which I am expected to have no opinions on.  Or something.

I have a raging headache, and I've been on this computer for pushing three hours now, so here I end my rant.  And no, I don't expect any answers.  It's a rant, and I'm attempting to process a should-be familiar world through completely changed eyes.  It's been three days since I've broken down crying though, so I suppose that's progress, and I had a really yummy turkey and cheese wrap for lunch, which I'm still excited about.  Yay pickles!

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