Saturday, 2 April 2011

10/50 books

Yay, I finally finished my book.  Actually, I finally resumed reading my book.  I stopped reading after the 11th and my book sat forlornly on my desk until Friday.  I stayed up last night reading, and it was nice.

So, Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is done.  I don't have the energy to write a full-on review of it, but I'd like to bring up a couple of things.  First, I barely remember that book from when I read it as a kid, and now I think I know why.  It's boring!  I don't know if it's supposed to be satire or Twain's personal opinions.  I've read that it was supposed to be satire, and I'd like to keep my opinion of Twain as pretty much awesome and someone I'd invite to my dead-people-I'd-like-to-meet tea party... so I'm going to really really hope that all of the obnoxious, white 19th century superiority bits of it were intended as satire... cause they were annoying and filled most of the book.  Secondly, if I ever meet a person who likes that book/narrator or agrees with pretty much anything he has to say and doesn't think it's satire I get the strong impression that I'm really going to dislike that particular individual.  So I'm just going to keep my own little world and pretend everybody thinks the book is a satire and go with it. :D

As far as connection with King Arthur is concerned, Twain used Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur as a base reference, even pulled whole chunks and stuck it in his dialogue now and again.  As much as the mental image of a guy in a nude gymnast suit lassoing Lancelot and dragging him about makes me grin, the characterizations of all of the knights were mostly lacking.  I think that was part necessity for what he was going for though.  All of the nobility and chivalry were worthless, lacking individual personality, and, well, the enemy.  King Arthur got some personality in the second half of the book, but he wasn't much more than a pawn for the entire thing.  I started enjoying it as a story after the skip-three-years bit toward the very end.

So I have a couple of options I'm thinking about reading next.  One is a book on Robin Hood legends and history, Voltaire's Candide, The Alliterative Morte d'Arthur, or re-read/finish Malory's Morte d'Arthur.  That's if I get around to reading at all today.  My goal is to finish packing all of these boxes and my suitcases and not go stark raving mad.  First I think a trip to the grocery store for caffeine and a giant box is due.  I have three boxes unpacked (and several partially packed), but I need a really big one for my fan.  I love that fan.  It has a remote and a timer.  I'm bringing it with me!  It collapses down and comes apart, and the box I need isn't too big, just a few inches wider than the ones I have now.  Unfortunately, it's freezing out and I think it's going to rain later.... >.>  Which means I should shower and get out of my pajamas now, huh?

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