Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My face is going to explode

Gah, I'm so sick right now!  I was hoping I'd feel better by Monday, but I had to conduct speaking tests in a damp, cold, concrete room all day... that helped. >.>  It's hard to sleep at night when you have a cold, too.  I crashed this afternoon though, slept about three hours.  As soon as my tea is ready, I'm off to watch a movie, snuggle with my kitties, and hopefully sleep soon.

I finished Cliges, so I'm 3/50 now.  It was uh... pretty dumb, actually.  I was okay with the first half, his father and mother's story, but it seemed like somebody took the story of Tristan and Isolde and rewrote it so that it didn't involve an affair in which the woman is sleeping with two men, and moved it to Greece (which I found rather random, considering he was supposed to be one of Arthur's knights).  What also bugged me is that he beat Lancelot, who was supposed to be Tristan's equal (number one in some stories, number two after Gawain in others).  He equaled Gawain at fifteen (um... unlikely at best there, right up with beating Lancelot) but the fight was stopped to avoid them killing each other.  All that also smacked of Tristan.  So did being caught naked with his lover by a soldier of his uncle.  The only difference was he didn't leave her behind since she was supposed to be dead.  I don't know, it wasn't the worst I've read of the genre, but it was far from the best.  Too much romance, too many parallels to Tristan.  I know it's a classic, and you're not supposed to tear apart something that was written 800 years ago, but meh, whatever. :P

I'm currently on Yvain, which, being that he's a total idiot, is turning out to be quite interesting.  The love story was there, but uh... Yvain's an idiot so now his wife has banished him from her kingdom and he went nuts and ended up running around the forest naked.  That seems to happen to people fairly often.  I think they shouldn't be dumb and pledge undying love to people they don't even know and have only seen once, but that's just me. ^__^

Tea time!

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