Sunday, 18 July 2010

Real-life post

I haven't been writing much aside from book reviews for the past few months.  Mostly I've been letting reading or crafts occupy my mind outside of work in an effort to stay sane.  On the weekends I've been going to concerts.  Now that work is out for the summer I really hope my stress level will go down to somewhere manageable.  I haven't wanted to complain constantly, hence the lack of posts.

This summer has been great so far though!  Since the beginning of this month I've been to a ton of concerts.  Actually, they started on July 27th, I went to a play/concert/random thing with Lindsey.  It had some members of bands that I really like in it, which is why we went.  It was crack, and I laughed so hard I cried.  On the 2nd I finally got to see Vamps, the band Hyde from L'arc~en~ciel (one of my favorite bands) is currently doing.  That would have been more fun had I known to stay away from the first barrier.  Hyde fans are insanely bitchy... to an extent I haven't encountered.  I got my head shoved down and held, and my hair pulled twice, on top of three women trying to occupy the space I was in all at once.  It was mostly a nightmare, but the concert, otherwise, was good.  Next time I go, I don't care if my ticket is good enough to get me in the front, I am not going there.  No way.

The next day we (Lindsey and I if I say we from now on) went to see Mix Speaker's,Inc., and it was a ton of fun!  It was outside.  It rained a bit, but not enough to really get us wet.  I love their concerts.  They lost the fun part of their audience though, and there aren't many of the rock crowd left, which really tones down the energy level.  Still a blast though.  On the Sunday we both took the JLPT... it was comprehensible, but I'm not sure I passed.  I'm sure I didn't do as terrible as I did last time, but I get the feeling I'm going to fail by a marginal percent like I did the first time I took it... cause I understood it about the same level.  I'll be surprised if I pass... pleased, but surprised.

Last weekend on Saturday we went to a Dacco lunch show.  I love Dacco... they're crack.  Their one singer, Yura-sama, was in the crack concert/play that we went to on the 27th.  The show was mostly awkward.  Yura-sama looked straight at me twice and stopped talking for a second both times, which I would have passed off as random coincidence had Lindsey not asked me later "Did you make eye contact with Yura-sama?  Cause he wasn't looking at me, but he was definitely looking somewhere right next to me."  Then he and Lida (the other singer) came off the stage and wandered around the tables shaking hands.  Limp noodle would be how I would describe that man's handshake.  Can't imagine how nervous my Grandpa-trained-handshake made him, haha, cause he didn't pull his hand back right away.  They're fun though.  I love seeing them.  I always leave with a stupid grin on my face.  We're seeing them again on August 1st, with Aya from Mix Speaker's,Inc.  Then on Sunday we went to see Rice for Yuki's birthday (the singer).  It was fantastic.  I love them too.  He has an amazing voice, and their music is really good.

Yesterday's concert was special in all ways that special is special.  There's a band I've loved since I got into Japanese music.  L'arc was the first, Malice Mizer was the second.  Malice Mizer broke up before I got into them.  One of their guitarists, Kozi, has some really good solo stuff, and I've seen him once at a Rice/Dacco event, but he was drunk and horrible, his fans were obnoxious, and I just got a really bad impression (really disappointing too, cause I really like his CDs).  The other guitarist has a band called Moi Dix Mois... Yeah, my ten months, clever.  Anyway, I liked some of their stuff for a bit, but it starts to sound the same, and their old CDs all used programed drums instead of a live drummer, and the perfection just bugged me, so I stopped listening to them.  Their bassist, Yu~ki, who was my favorite in Malice Mizer, wrote one song for Kozi's solo project, and since then hasn't done anything as far as I can tell.  I've tried to look him up a few times.  Well, last night was a Moi Dix Mois concert with Kozi's band starting and Yu~ki as a special guest, so Lindsey and I pre-ordered tickets and went because I really wanted to see Yu~ki.

I had really low expectations of the concert from what I saw of Kozi's last performance, but actually, aside from his voice being terrible and needing the distortion he uses for his CDs, he did really good!  His drummer reminds me of Animal from the Muppets.  I love him!  Haha.  Nut-job.  He was so fun to watch.  The bassist was really good, and the guitarist made me giggle.  Kozi... was Kozi, but at least he didn't drop his guitar this time.  Moi Dix Mois was way better than I expected.  They have a new vocalist, and a human on drums.  The vocalist was really good; complete 80s hair band scream and song introductions, really good headbang, good death-voice, and with all of that, he still sang really really well.  The one guitarist made me think of Zuko from the Avatar cartoon..... Mana was... Mana.  Really boring to watch, but it's amusing to see that he hasn't changed at all from the concert videos I've seen of Malice Mizer.  I ended up having to put my sunglasses on because of the white lights though, and even then I still had to close my eyes and look down for about half of their set.

THEN Yu~ki, Mana, and Kozi all came out with their old instruments and played a really random song that was actually quite bad, but they came out to one of the Malice Mizer instrumentals and made me and everyone around me act like completely idiotic fangirls and boys and scream and jump and repeatedly say "No way!!!"  After the first random song, they played "Beast of Blood."  I love that song, and half of me doesn't even believe that I actually saw it live and got to sing with them and headbang and shout and it was just amazing!  There were a few cameras going, so I'm hoping they make the concert into a DVD.... at least that last part, which was only about 10 minutes, but still!  It never even entered my mind that they would perform one of their old songs, but they did!  I'm still giddy when I think about it.  It was so amazing.  Such a great end to an awful week.

Tomorrow we're going to Disneyland, despite the 34C weather prediction... *death*  Then Wednesday we're seeing Dir en grey, which will be fun and amazing as well, though I'll probably end up sore and bruised.  Next week we're going to see Cirque du Soleil and then spend the evening at Disney Sea.  At some point we plan to climb Mt. Fuji and head to Kyoto for two days.  We're seeing Dacco again in August, as I said, and then the Romeo (who's singer was also in the crack play/concert last month).  And all in all, I'm really looking forward to this summer!  I'm not looking forward to Lindsey leaving at the end of it all, but at least it'll be fun while she's here.  I got tickets to see Metallica on my birthday so I won't be bored and lonely then.  School starts in September, so even if it's not as fun as I want it to be (it's poetry....), it'll at least keep me busy.  My goal for the fall is to save as much money as I can, which, in spite of going to concerts at least once a month, should be easier since I have pretty much nobody to hang out with without Lindsey here, so I won't go out nearly as much.

So that's a me update.  The cats are good.  I have to renew my apartment contract, which is unfortunate and expensive, but such is life.  I go back to work August 25th.... I can't think of much else.  I think for the rest of today, at least until the sun goes down and I can venture out to go get some cat food and other necessities, I'm going to go up into my loft and engage in some gratuitous video game violence and further rid myself of stress by beating the crap out of zombies and various other undead.  I was reading Emma, but that got boring.

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