Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ophelia and the nightmare vacation

That vet I took Ophelia too... I'm still mad at her.  I need to go in and get my cats' records and demand my $60 back.  I took Ophelia to a different vet the next day, because she spent all of Saturday puking up spit despite the shots and immediately puked up the medicine I gave her Sunday.  The new vet is actually an animal hospital.  It's huge and immediately gave me the feeling of a North American animal clinic.  Divided waiting rooms, completely separate observation rooms, a few dozen staff.  The doctor who saw Ophelia spent a good five minutes feeling her stomach and took X-rays when she felt something not right.  Why didn't the first vet do more than poke gently around for a few seconds?  Why, when I told her there was a possibility that she had gotten into roach poison, did she not do a blood test?  This vet did.  Ophelia got poked, X-rayed, ultra-sounded, and stuck with an IV which she had to keep in till the next evening.  I brought her home Monday, and she's been fine.  Something was stuck in her intestines, probably a hair ball.  I have to take her in for a check-up tonight, and I'm going to ask about hair ball remedies here to avoid this in the future.  I'm thinking tomorrow or Sunday I'm going to the old vet and getting those charts.

It's hard not to be furious, even a week later when Ophelia is okay.  Had I followed what that vet said, I don't even want to think what might have happened.  At best, Ophelia would have taken longer to recover, which means going longer without food.  An injection or two of vitamins isn't exactly enough, or I would have been able to take Ophelia home overnight without an IV in her paw.  My biggest problem in talking to the old vet is language.  I don't know the words I need very well, and I'm mad, which means when I'm trying not to scream at somebody and talk politely, I have trouble putting words together in any language.

Angie came and visited for a few days.  That was nice.  Tokyo was crazy crowded though.  We went to a random free concert... they were surprisingly good!  I wanted to stay for the whole thing, but Lindsey and I both had to work in the morning.  We may look for another of their concerts sometime.  They were fun.  Best part was that it was $5 for the drink ticket and free admission.  I like those. :P

And I'm back at work and dreading two of my next three classes.  I'm having a lot of trouble with one of my co-teachers, and one is just a flake who doesn't know English very well, so she's a pain to deal with. The one I'm having trouble with though is being belligerent and disruptive.  If she does it again today I'm writing it down before I get on the train and calling my company.  I'm not dealing with that all year.  I was near tears last week and left work fuming and looking for jobs in New York.  Yeah... really not looking forward to that class.  I've worked with this teacher before, and she was one of my favorites last year.  I feel like she's mad at me for some reason and taking it out by being obnoxious in my class, but I have no idea what she could possibly be mad at me about.  Other people I've talked to have suggested personal problems in her life, but I don't care what's going on.  Personal problems can distract you, but they're no reason to be a complete bitch to your coworker in front of 40 students and affect the environment of the whole class, literally bringing it to a stop.  No excuse. (>.<)  At least the other school is going really well.  This one class is enough to make me want a new job though... which is bad, cause I put up with a lot last year and managed.  I think partly because my co-teacher for my problem classes worked with me to try to make the classes better, and this time it's the co-teacher disrupting the class.  I want her out of it, but by law she has to be there since I'm not a licenced teacher. Then shut up, sit in the back, and let me lead the class on my own.

*sigh* Here's hoping for the best today. Maybe she's out sick.

Concert tomorrow.  I'm excited about that.  I saw Dacco on Christmas Eve last.  They're a fun band.... they suck, but they're hilarious and at least (I think) they know they suck.  Yura sama's so happy on stage.  It's easy to ignore his terrible singing and actually surprisingly hard to stand straight and not fall over laughing.  I'm pretty sure that's the last concert I have tickets to until July.  June's gonna suck! >.>  Need to find something to go see.  My friend's band has a concert tonight, but I don't already have a ticket, and it's not happening even if he gave me a free one.... not that he even told me about the concert.  He just wants me to teach his vocalist English pronunciation and be his "American friend." ... I'm not bitter at all today!  Haha.

Okay, I'm off to relax before my next class.  I'll have lunch to destress between bad teachers at least. XP  And off topic, but I'm still barely half way through Le Morte D'Arthur...and I still can't pronounce the "thur" part.  That book takes forever to read!  I feel like I'm going and going and I should be 100 pages in and I'm like 15. (>.<\)  I can only take so much smiting.... no, actually, that's not true, and the fact that Sir Tristram keeps finding himself naked and going crazy is quite funny, but I'm a bit tired of Sir So-and-So smiting Sir Who's-a-What's-It, taking his horse, and giving it to Sir Falls-a-Lot.  And the French names are really no more clever than those, which, aside from being annoying cause I can't pronounce them and they're dumb, makes it really hard to remember who's who.  I did like the part about Sir Tristram in prison today though, the one line:
For all the while a prisoner may have his health of body he may endure under the mercy of God and in hope of good deliverance; but when sickness toucheth a prisoner's body, then may a prisoner say all wealth is him bereft, and then he hath cause to wail and to weep.
That was probably the first line in the whole 260 pages I've gotten through so far that really had feeling behind it... and it was really randomly placed, because after that we went back in time to before Sir Tristram was sick at all, and he really wasn't sick and in prison for very long before the guy holding him let him go.  It felt like a tangent where it was.  The introduction to my edition made mention of this line (I think it was this one anyway, one about one of the knights in prison was all they said) and hypothesized that Sir Thomas Mallory (the author) might have been a prisoner at one point in his life or while he was writing Le Morte D'Arthur.  I can see where they got that idea, aside from having two records of a Thomas Mallory... one of them being a knight who was imprisoned. XP

Okay, seriously going away now.  5 minute countdown has begun.

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