Monday, 19 April 2010

Pausing my chores

This last week has been just insane.  I pushed myself way too hard, I think, and I definitely paid for it yesterday.  From Tuesday on through Friday I didn't get home until after 10.  Saturday was crazy getting my new phone and getting it set up.  Lindsey helped me carry cabinets that I put together and now have in my kitchen.  They were cheap!  And they're really not bad.  It's so nice to be able to walk through that tiny space and not knock everything over.  I also got a shoe rack and a tub to put my towels in.  All in all, under $40.

Well, Saturday night Soushi was in and out of the litter box around 4 times and didn't go.  I figured he was just upset cause I hadn't been home and then I was and I was changing everything.  Sunday was the same, so I called the vet and took him in.  2 shots and $60 later, he did stop going in and out of the box quite as much, but still fairly frequently.  Took him in again today like the vet said.... and had to pay for 2 more shots on top of a week's worth of anti-biotics.  She wants me to get a urine sample at some point.... That's going to be interesting to do. >_<  It's to check for traces of stones that might have caused the infection, if an infection it is.  I'm really praying it's not stones.  For one, I can't get a sample when he's in and out of the box and not actually doing anything all the time, and for two, those can be deadly in cats. :S  The vet also said he's too thin.  He weighs just a little more than Ophelia, and she's probably 1/3 smaller than him.  Anyway, boiling this chaos down, I'm going out to get the good canned food tonight.  I stopped giving it to them maybe two months ago because they weren't eating it with the dry food as an option at night.  The vet suggested mixing the dry in with the wet, just a little bit, and recommended a type of regular milk that's easy on stomachs that she gives her cat.  So we'll give it a try, because obviously the dry food isn't good for them.  I knew this before... but it's hard to fork out that much a month sometimes.  Of course $120 in vet bills in two days is also hard... so I imagine in the long run the better food will be easier.  I'm so not doing anything over Golden Week. >_>

Soushi likes the cupboards too.  The picture's uber blurry, but I let him enjoy being in there before I stuffed cans and bottles in it and shut the door :P

I finished Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  I'll have to write up something on that.  I have lots of thoughts on it, but significantly less than I had for Paradise Lost, so it's a bit more manageable for a quick write-up.  That... and I'm not going to confuse Paradise Lost with anything.  I likely won't for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight either, but I'm currently reading Le Morte D'Arthur (Don't worry, it's not actually in French) and I'd like to do a comparison when I'm done... in about 480 pages. :P  They're both... special?  Actually, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is more like what I expected from a medieval Arthurian tale, but there's still a surprising amount of Catholicism in it.  There's still magic at least though.  In Le Morte D'Arthur any of what we'd currently say was magic is credited as a miracle.  Merlin is some sort of prophet rather than a wizard... so far anyway.  I'm only 30 pages in, and Arthur's still fighting to keep his title.

I hope I manage to get the medieval lit class sometime.  It's rapidly becoming my new obsession.  I dropped the Irish Drama class for the sake of not failing the History of Poetic Forms one.... stupid poetry.  I stop understanding it at around Shakespeare.  After that I'm completely lost.  Before that?  Bring on the smiting!! (Not a poem, but Le Morte D'Arthur was doing quite a bit of smiting in the last few chapters today *grin*)

*edit* The second program I ran to clean my computer last time I posted... 81 bugs....... yeah..... Managed to save my emails on it though, since I stupidly deleted all of them from the actual inbox. >_>  For now, it's a dedicated DVD player, cause that's about all it'll do anymore... and even that it only half does.   I'm pretty sure re-installing windows would help some, but alas I lack a copy of it anymore, and the computer didn't come with a boot disc.

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