Sunday, 25 April 2010

I love grapes!

Even when they have a billion seeds and are a pain to eat! I love them more when I find them on sale. Mmm grapes.

So, I'm back to studying Japanese.  My friends made me mad enough at failing the test to want to pass it again.  Thanks guys! ... I think.  It gives me something to work at anyway.  After July I'm going to go back to studying Latin sometimes too.  Right now it's Japanese every day.  Too many languages to learn!!  Lindsey spent hours yesterday trying to teach me how to pronounce "Le Morte D'Arthur."  Apparently (before my face got tired) I could do the "Le Morte" well, and passably up to "D'Arth," and I figured out how to say the funky "u," but not put the "u" and the "r" together.  And this is why when the French teacher at GEOS tried to teach me French, I laughed at him.  Really gotta wonder what the people around us were thinking (we were walking and shopping in a relatively crowded area during most of this ...activity).  I still am not interested in learning French seriously... I can get the gist of the things that come up in my book... but I'd at least like to be able to pronounce titles (why the title is in French, I'll never know... it was first written in English... no reason!) and the names that come up.  For the sake of reference, Launcelot du Lac has far too many vowels in it.

Still really want to relearn Spanish and learn Ojibwe... and German.... and Welsh.  See?  Too many languages!  I want to know them!  Not doing Spanish and Latin at the same time again though... Still only remember the latin verb for "to care for" that I put down on my Spanish test in 10th grade. >_>  Latin would be helpful though.  And Anglo-Saxon (see?? That's another one!).  I want to go to England and poke around everywhere too now.  Not that I know what there is to poke around in.... but I want to anyway!

One day.  England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, then Versailles and Berlin.  Lindsey wants to see Auschwitz, but I really don't think I could handle that.  We were planning our immaginary trip yesterday, and I got a knot in my stomach and nearly started crying when she was talking about it.  I do want to see the beaches at Normandy though.  Oddly... I have no desire to go to Rome.  I'd like to go to Finland and Sweden too.  And the nerdy part of me wants to go to Romania, but the part of me that's seen too many slasher movies is going "ahaha, no."  Maybe though.... if I can find convincing proof that it's not dangerous for tourists.

On a more serious planning note, this summer I'm saving to go back to Kyoto and Osaka, which I haven't been back to since I moved here.  I really want to go to Kyoto.  Then next summer I want to save to go to Beijing, Laos, Vietnam, and Korea (in something of that order).  Take a week and just visit them all with Lindsey and hopefully Jen.  I want to walk the Great Wall, and what I've seen of Laos and Vietnam, they're beautiful.  Though the Canadian embassy page warns caution and to stay in the cities and off the beaches (apparently there are still unexploded mines in some places).  We're going to watch the political scene there for the next year and make sure it's safe to go before we book anything.  From what I've heard, in the cities, the worst that'll happen is you get ripped off by a cabbie or a store owner.  Oh, but the Canadian site also said not to play cards or accept English teaching invitations... neither of which would I normally do anyway.  Apparently people loose a lot of money to stacked decks.  Why would you do that?? Seriously?  I only want to spend a day or two there and see the architecture.

And I am off to teach class.  I like my Monday schedule.  It's so much better than last year!

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