Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuesday Evening

Canterbury Tales is really long, and I really hate poetry, even when I try to amuse myself by sounding out words that are spelled strangely or tracing the origins of modern English words (there were some nifty ones, villain, curl, complexion, and humor among them).  Anyway, I finished the intro, and now I'm moving onto something else that isn't rhyming for a while.  Not that I don't find the subject matter interesting (I'm not sure what the common theory is, but it looks to me like Chaucer is making fun of his audience, which I find quite entertaining), but bleh.  Took me way too long to read 39 pages of half-page text.

I have more bead projects to work on... I should finish those.... I want to build the puzzle though. :P  Oh, and it's now back to cold and rainy.  I'm betting it'll stop come Tuesday, and by the end of the month it'll be hot and miserable, cause that's how these things work, ya know?  Ah well, it stopped me from going out and spending money.  I wanted more cranberry juice and coke (not to mix), but the cranberry juice is really far.  I was going to attempt to jog it for exercise, but not with an umbrella, thanks.  I want to start jogging again though.  It probably won't last long, especially once it gets hot, but I really miss it.  It feels good to move around and just sweat sometimes.

Gah! It's cold!

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