Thursday, 4 March 2010

In great need of getting out of this city

Counting to 10 only works when people aren't constantly interrupting the counting to tick me off. *sigh*  I seriously need a break from here, all of these people, the tiny spaces.  My coworker is driving me completely nuts the last two weeks, and that doesn't help.  Someone moved in downstairs yesterday and pounding on the kitchen ceiling (?!?!?!), and that doesn't help either.

I went into my company's office yesterday to sign my new contract, and my boss asked me about my coworkers, so I breifly mentioned my issue with this guy - mostly that he treats me like an idiot child and is completely inflexible about doing things his way - and was told that the person before me had the same problem with him.  Today, in one breath, he told me the same thing 4 times... a very common sense thing that, had I not already known what to do, I would have asked.  It's incredibly difficult on a normal day not to snap back or at least glare.  Today I had to leave the office and go to the bathroom to cool down.  If he was super smart or even a trained teacher, I still wouldn't be happy with how he talks to me.  Being as he is neither, it's infuriating.

In good news, though, I got accepted at Mercy!  I have to take some undergrad classes, since the proram director is concerned about how narrow my exposure to lit studies has been (after reading through the reading list he gave me, I agree...), but I'll be able to start in the fall! Hopefully in three years I'll have a degree that lets me get out of this type of work.  (I really don't mind the actual work part, it's the people and the fact that next to no one is actually trained to do their jobs, but they all think they know what's best and are completely unwilling to listen to other opinions.  I don't know what's best, but I can recognize when something isn't working, and sometimes I might just have a semi-decent idea that might be worth at least trying.)

I'm crabby about work today.  I was okay with it until he did that a bit ago, now everything's back to bugging me.  I was completely indifferent to coming in next week to do grades, but now apparently we have a "meeting" in which he wants to tell me (probably four or five times) about ways he wants to change the first year curriculum.  It would be less annoying if I could have some say over when these meetings happen, rather than him going "Let's have a meeting... now." (He's not my boss! Not by a long shot!)  and if something that should take 5-10 minutes didn't take an entire hour.

It's good to know it's not just me, and that the woman before me found it worthwhile to mention to my boss.  It's still frustrating, and no matter what I do or how polite I act, or how firm I am when I need to be, nothing changes.  I'm more than willing to ask questions when I feel I don't understand something, and I've done so whenever the need arose.  I really don't understand what makes him think I'm stupid or need to be told things repeatedly when any person of average intelligence would have already come to that conclusion already.  I really could scream right now.  *sigh*

Three more classes, and I have to find my boss at this school and talk to him about grades, and then I can forget that I work here until Wednesday, which I so very much need to do.  Two weeks is really short, but even that long away from this city, I think, will do me a lot of good... I hope anyway.  I need a break from people and crowds.  I think I'm going to spend time in August (next vacation time) somewhere completely isolated for a few days, inclusive of no pushy male neighbors.

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