Monday, 15 March 2010

I love to travel

But I hate long flights and the day before leaving.  I have to clean and pack.  I hit the stores and got what I needed (and green nail polish!!! /girly mode), which included an amazing find of Scrubbing Bubbles!  I only recently managed to find something to clean out my pipes, and my tub was uber stained, and the Japanese cleaners weren't even beginning to cut it.  Yay for clean bathtubs!  Now I just need to clean Mal's tank, the litter box, the kitchen, the floors, and pack. o.O  I could probably get away with not hard-core cleaning the floors, but Lindsey's doing me a favor by staying here with the cats, so I don't want her to feel uncomfortable (since my house already smells like mould even when it's spotless).

Wah, I don't wanna!  I'm reading Paradise Lost right now, to which Jen said "I'm sorry!" except I'm really enjoying it!  I kinda want to just curl up with that and read for the rest of the evening.  There's a decided lack of curling room on airplanes... unless you're in business class, but alas I will never be able to afford that, and I'm thinking that was a one-time-only God-send when I got it last time.  I'm neither sick nor in agony right now, so I can soldier through economy (probably).

I was going somewhere with Paradise Lost, before I got distracted by rambling, and that was that I don't understand how it's written!  Usually, even if I don't really understand something, I can see how from a certain perspective or a certain background or twist in logic it would make sense.  This, I haven't got the foggiest.  Not all of it, but a lot of it, if you read just the words, it's gibberish! (not to the extent of the sound poetry crap I had to read my last semester of undergrad, but still gibberish)  There are no sentences, no apparent grammatical structures, words are pretty much just put in wherever, and there aren't even really lines (though there are random line numbers...), at least not in my edition, so that you could count syllables or feel a rhythm or anything to the words.  The word that strikes me as most accurate would be "haphazard."  But, for some reason that I don't understand at all, even though I don't always (rather rarely) know what exactly is being said, I get images.  If I detach myself from trying to puzzle out the meanings of the words themselves, I don't even realize what is prompting the images, they just appear in my mind.  I could quote all of one line (the line everybody knows, just not always from where), and that not properly, I couldn't tell you more on the style of words used, other than it's not modern English, even though I understand that version of English just fine (normally), but I could tell you the story as I've been seeing it in my head.  Wow is it an intense story!  And the scenes, the moments where the image is hanging in my head, and I'm not quite sure how it's going to unfold, just, gah!  I caught myself chewing on my thumbnail on the train on Friday.

I just started book V of XII.  I hope I finish it soon.  I don't think I'm going to have as much reading time over the next few weeks :P

I really should pack... or clean.  I even made myself a list to make it easier.  I hate this part of traveling.

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