Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tired to an epic degree

I actually got a lot of sleep this weekend, but last night was really late and this morning was really early.  The police were bored last night.  Police in Tokyo ride around on bicycles, and they tend to stop people on bicycles and check registration.  I've heard of expats getting stopped and asked for ID, but last night was the first night it happened.  Right before I got stop, 4 cops rode by on one of the bigger roads.  Apparently the boss sent two of them to follow me down the side road.  Half of me is happy to know that my town is dull enough that the police aren't overly busy fighting crime, so they have time to patrol and talk to people.  The other half of me was very annoyed with the twenty questions whilst I stood in the cold holding bags of groceries.  Glad I had my ID on me though.  I've forgotten my wallet a few times before... that would have been not good.

So, in my exhausted state today, it's going to be a challenge not to freak out in the office.  It's too quiet, which means whenever someone picks up a coffee cup, I want to scream.  Not only do they do the slurping that people do when a liquid is too hot (if it's too hot, blow on it! or wait!!!), they make extra noises that make me want to puke.  I know I'm too sensative to it, and mostly I just stick in my headphones and do my best to ignore it.  Right now it's too close to class start time, but I kinda want to knock the mug out of the guy's hand in front of me.  We need a fan or some sort of white noise in here.  It's way too quiet, and I know that the sounds annoying me is a bit rediculous.  (Then again, they are extremely loud, even going by people who eat disgustingly loud back home... and mostly because they eat things that are way too hot and don't blow on their food... instead they slurp...everything.)  Of course, I feel like a jerk with my headphones in all the time, but if I don't I get cranky and I start glaring at people.

Three classes today.  I'm going to try to do some studying.  I finished Grapes of Wrath as well, so maybe I'll write a review of that.  Also, the guy downstairs who was giving me all that trouble is gone!! I'm so happy about that.  I thought I was going to have to move, but now I don't have to, and my fan easily drowns out the guy's laughing next to me. ^_^ And he doesn't pound when I walk on the floor.  Yay!

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