Friday, 29 January 2010

You guys who love me

Help!  Okay, so, the panic is ended.  I have to take the Lit GRE still, but I can apply without it.  I just have to find a way to take it during my first semester or so.  And! The program head wants to see my application.  *shriek!*  So I need to finish it!!!!

I'm stuck on my statement of purpose.
State briefly your primary purpose in undertaking advanced study

My purpose in pursing graduate studies is to attain a degree which will allow me to take a step toward my career goal as a teacher of English literature at the post secondary level.  I am interested in both English as a language and the contexts it has been used in throughout history.  I expect to broaden my knowledge of English literature and gain a better understanding of it, particularly in periods and genres in which my current knowledge is weakest.

It needs to glow a little more than that.  I'm working on it tonight with Jen, but any feedback (ASAP!) would be hugely appreciated.  I want to get this sent in like now, especially with the department head asking for it. Kyaaa!!

I've requested two letters of recommendation, but I'm going to write my old Japanese prof for a third, just in case.  She was my main teacher, so all things considered, I should be asking her anyway.  I'm just scared to write the letter.  She was a keigo Nazi (formal speech), but she's so awesome.  I don't really know why I'm freaking out, but I am.  Cause I want in.  Cause this just made my suck week so much better.

I'm off to buy myself a grocery store pizza now.  Help me, please!!!!!

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