Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Uh huh, Yup

8 o'clock is bad too.  Seriously, I don't think this guy works.  He keeps me up laughing at midnight.  It'll be the middle of the afternoon on a weekday or the evening and he thumps like an ape if I use the trampoline.  I was barely bringing my feet off of it and, sure enough, after 20 minutes he'd apparently had enough.  Makes me want to be an ape and just jump on the floor, see how he likes it without the buffer.  I finished my 30 minutes and tried following a dance in a music video Lindsey and I have been trying to do at Karaoke lately.  I got the first bit down.  Did a few yoga stretches.  I feel better, but I don't feel like I worked out as hard as I wanted to.  You know how sometimes you just want to sweat and feel your muscles work?  I need to find a way to do that a few times a week.  I stretched and got warm enough to be in a tank top without the heater on, but I really don't feel like I worked out.

And apparently Ophelia wanted a turn on my lap, because she climbed up my guitar case and meowed at me to pick her up off of it.  She's now laying down and meowing at me to stop typing and pet her.  As soon as I stop petting her, she gets offended.  Haha.  Silly cat.  They're both very vocal today.

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