Thursday, 14 January 2010


I'm doing lots of thinking.  I've narrowed down my grad programs choices (not that there were many to begin with...) to two, both online, both really stinking expensive ><  One is a Master's of English Literature at Mercy College in New York.  Actually all but two of the classes I would be taking sound really interesting.  Two sound like... well... necessary boring stuff.  If I have to take the stupid poetry class due to scheduling... I think I may actually just take a semester off. -_-  Pass on that, thanks.  The other program is a Graduate Certificate in Children's Literature.  I want to take every one of those classes so badly!!!!!  But it's not a degree program, which means I'd be completely on my own for tuition, and slim chance of me getting a job.  At least with a Master's I can teach at a community college and maybe even a university.  Oh, but those classes look so fun and interesting, and I think if/once I finish the master's program, I may take them anyway!  Fables, fairytales, the art of picture books, fantasy in children's literature - there is nothing about those that does not sound amazing!  I think I'm going to steal the reading lists anyway and read some of the texts for fun.  I still want to find a good copy of the Grimm's fairytales... that's not $100...>_<

So, actually, I'm pretty sure I've selected which program I'm going to do.  I want to do the children's lit one, but I'd still love the English lit one, and I can actually use that when I finish with it.  Children's lit can come later.  Now all I need to do is hope and pray that the FAFSA goes through and they give me money, haha.  It's over $2,000 for one class.... both schools are pretty  much at the same price range.  If I can get a grant, I can take two classes a semester, at least until I'm at the all lit classes point, then I'd only have time for one, cause holy cow are there a lot of books that I haven't read in there!  If I can't, well, I start saving next month just in case and take one class.  $350 a month, I calculated it on the train ride home today.... *whimper*  I can do it though.  My taxes for last year are done this month, and if I put just $100 aside a month for taxes starting February, they won't be nearly as painful when they come again in June... (I hope...)  I just won't be going out as much, and this winter is my last hurrah for going to concerts... though Vamps just announced their 2010 tour dates, and I am entering in the lottery for tickets (I so did not join the fanclub just to be in a fanclub!  I want to see them!!).  I'd be fine with one show.  If it comes down to a pinch, I can lower my current loan payments, and I do have some reserves in the bank already.

Okay, I'm going to put it out there, one of the hardest things about being an adult is managing money.  I was good with it until I came here as a student, and even then, I returned with enough of my loan money left to cover all of my tuition for summer classes plus my rent for two months, so actually, I was still pretty good back then.  Living away from where my life was, you know, where I had a bed, a dresser, a mirror, shower curtains, blankets, the list goes on, was really expensive at first.  A couch that does not smell like cat urine and a fridge that doesn't freeze my carrots and melt my ice cream are the only two things left, and thankfully those are getting taken care of, and then I think my spending should go down a lot this year.  The cats are both fixed, and barring anything I don't want to think about, I'm hoping we won't see the vet this year.  They're completely indoor, so I don't really see the reason to give them vaccinations every year.  It's not like they're including something for heartworm or anything in there.  And actually, a decent fridge will save me money in the long run.  I throw away so many veggetables, it's rediculous!  And if I can buy popsicles in bulk and the grocery store, it'll stop me from buying them at the combini when I'm dying of heat. :P

I wanted to move, to be honest, since my contract for my apartment is up in August, but I want to go to school more.  If I can get my tution covered with a grant, then I still can, but moving would cost at least $2-3,000, not counting what my current landlord will likely charge me in damages (though personally I think the extra $30 a month that I pay for the cats should cover the little bit of scratching on the walls and floors.  It's not like they do it deliberately, and there really isn't that much of it, but apparently they're really fussy here.)  Well, either way, it's lots of saving up for me now.  I'm excited though.  I need to finish the application, order my transcripts (all 3 of them... at least I don't have to get the ones from the university I went to here), beg for recomendation letters, write why I want to study (I have no clue what I should write for that... I like reading?  It sounds fascinating?  I want to be a professor?), and send it away with $40 and lots of prayers.  Oh, and I have to take the GRE lit test... they say that score doesn't technically count though, it's just a benchmark.

I love how much Ophelia wants to play! haha.  First thing in the morning, I sit down to eat my breakfast, and she's right there with her toy, meowing at me to throw it.  She just nearly fell off the ladder while I was writing this, poor clutz.  Now both of the toys I was throwing are stuck on the ladder, and she's attacking the feather stick.  I like those, cause even she can amuse herself with them.  She's really bad at amusing herself, but yeah, she picks up one end, the stick moves, and the tail at the other end catches her eye, so she triest to chase it with the feather end stuck in her mouth.  It's quite comical.  They ate the poof at the other end, and the peach fur one Lindsey got to go with the feather one, but the feathers have lasted surprising long.  Destructo boy must like the toy not to destroy it in 30 minutes..... oh Soushi....

Since I'm already writing a novella here, I'm gonna babble briefly about my new writing scheme.  I had so much fun in November, and it felt so good to write, even when I wasn't sure where to go with my story or how to write a scene, and it still feels good to look at what I have, over 50,000 words (100 or so pages in MS Word), and know that I wrote it.  It's not good, but I'm going to print it once I get back to my other school (that lets me use the printers that print fast enough that printing a chapter a day won't get me in trouble) I'm going to print it out (a chapter a day) and start working on editing it.  I really can't edit on a computer screen.  I need the actual paper so I can scribble on it.  Anyway, so I made myself an excel sheet to keep track of my word count, and a graph.  One line tracks how many words I wrote in a day, and one line tracks the total words.  My writing software does this too, sorta, but it's fun to watch it accumluate.  My goal is, again, 50,000 in a month.  Already, just after two days, I've taken an idea I've had for years, beaten the crap out of it, completely changed the setting, and gotten a good start.  Science fantasy, hehe, don't ask.  I'm excited though.  I wrote for the first half of my train ride home.  That's one good thing about writing (and reading) on the train, it makes the ride go fast.

I'm gonna watch Ophelia stalk a piece of leather that's attatched to her mouth for a while, then get on attacking my list of things I have to do today.  Miki live tomorrow, and payday!!!! Yay, I can buy the shelf I've been pining for and go hunting for a used fridge!... and groceries :P  I'm making rice for curry at the moment.  It's taking too long.  That's part of why this post has carried on this long.  Gah, I need to film this.  It's hillarious!

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