Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Running Around

I made myself exercise today.  I'm 10 kilos above what I was when I came (I'm thinking in kilos, cause it's less painful), so yeah, diet and exercise for me.  No wonder nothing fits right.

Christmas and New Years were fun.  Disney Sea was really crowded, so we only managed two rides, but it was very Christmasy, and that's what I wanted.  New Years we spent in Shibuya - mmm steak and eye candy.  I drank a tad bit too much at karaoke, around when my stomach was empty from dinner, and tripped, so I have a nasty nasty bruise on my leg.  Other than that though, and the whole having to walk an extra 20 minutes cause I was having to sleep at Lindsey's house while my friend was over, it was really fun.  Anything involving karaoke and steak and friends though, really can't beat that.

I have a few more things on my list of stuff to do today.  I started translating again for a few fan communities of bands I really like.  Not five minutes after I posted, I remembered why I stopped doing that.  Man are English speaking fans annoying sometimes.  Not all of them, but some just get these attitudes, like they either know everything, or they deserve to have everything.  Either way, it makes me want to smack them.  I need the practice though.  I really should get on with the studying again.

Ah, well.  I think I'm going to do some writing, then make dinner.  I really REALLY want a bigger fridge.  I can't keep anything in mine, and I was just thinking it'd be nice to make a chicken salad, except I have no room for lettus or tomatoes in my fridge.  Grrr.

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