Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's weird

I'm not even sure what exactly it is, but I feel like I'm finally in charge of my life.  I'm flat broke, cause I've spent way too much money this month, I've already taken $100 out of my savings because my other money went to bills that were way higher than I expected, and I'm 3 weeks from payday.  Yet I really do feel like my life is finally mine and, at least somewhat under control.  I'm not really sure what the difference is.

The guy downstairs is a jerk.  He likes to pound on the ceiling if my music is on, especially if I jump on my trampoline.  It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day it is.  Today it was noon.  He was really pissed.  That was the loudest he's pounded, and there was screaming, but it came through the floor so I couldn't understand what he said.  I called my landlord to get the light outside my door fixed.  As far as I'm concerned, it's the middle of the day, and unless I'm cracking the plaster in the ceiling, I have the right to listen to my music at a reasonable level and exercise in my own place.  (I blasted Disturbed and turned up the sub woofer on the floor after I was done... that was spite though.  I'm not usually anywhere near that loud.)  His timing today was really bad.  20 minutes into my cardio workout meant I was full of adrenaline and whatever other brain chemicals get pumped during cardio.  That meant another spike of adrenaline when he hit the floor and screamed, which made my legs and hands really shaky.  It was okay till I stopped 10 minutes later, then I realized I couldn't stand up on my own.  I was livid.

I would respect it if he came up and talked to me like a civil human being, but I'm not sure someone who would pound and act like an ape like that is capable of being civil.  I've seen him outside my door, he came two or three times one weekend, but I refused to answer cause it was night time.  I'd talk to him, provided the door was locked so it doesn't open all the way and I'm on the inside of it, but only if he's going to be civil.  If I'm breaking the plaster, I'd quit.  I don't think I am, because the liquids in my room don't even move when I jump.  If anything's damaging his apartment, I'd think it would be whatever he's hitting the ceiling with.  Now that the adrenaline's out of my system though, I'd rather deal with the pounding and let him fume.  I don't want to talk to him.  I don't want him seeing me.  I doubt he'd do anything, for one cause he's Japanese and for two cause he mostly just pounds on the wall and I'm not even 100% sure it was him coming to my door that day, I just assumed.  Still, my "I'm a single woman living alone" instincts are a little high from living in Ypsi.  At least the light outside is fixed.  I carry my keys defensively from the time I hit the staircase, sometimes before then.  I don't open my door all the way, actually I rarely answer my door.  I just don't like that I have to deal with an asshole living downstairs.  I need to exercise, and it's my home.  If  the landlord tells me to quit, then I will, but during the day, as long as the landlord doesn't say anything, I'm going to exercise.  I don't know when he's home or sleeping or not, and he's being an ape so I'm not going to put myself at risk by going and asking him.

Oh the times I wish I had a boyfriend.  For some reason, that actually has weight here.  Send the boy down to yell at him.  I don't even have guy friends who are close enough to do that for me.  I suppose I should ask the two I have what I can do about it though.  Anyway, I'm annoyed because it makes exercising not as fun, but I really want and need to exercise every day.  I can't do it outside cause there are too many people.  I can't afford $100 a month for a gym membership, and seeing as there are none near here it's a moot point.  I'm not pounding on the floor, I'm jumping on a trampoline.  It probably creaks the floor, and the noise is probably annoying, but you know what, the 1st floor rooms are cheaper for a reason.  Grr!  He makes me mad.

And that was a random topic.  I was going to mention that I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday, and I was very comfortable today.  Today I played with my cats, did some writing, played video games, and watched Bones.  I'm getting addicted to that show.  It's pretty interesting.  Ophelia's got a cut on the back of her neck that's not healing well, and I'm a little worried about it.  I think the worst that'll happen though is that it'll scar.  The scab keeps getting split or chewed off (by Soushi).  It was originally under a tuft of hair, but that hair got ripped off (likely by Soushi) and now it's an exposed scab. :(  I want to say it was from the cone she had when she got fixed, but I'm not sure.  I can't imagine what else it would be from though.  It doesn't look like something cut her or Soushi bit her there.

Ugh, long day of work ahead of me tomorrow.  For the next few weeks, it's pretty much solid one on one interview testing.  SUCK!  I was supposed to work on figuring out how to grade said tests over the weekend, but I didn't.  Maybe I should do a little of that before I hit the sack.  I have to start first period, so I won't have much time to do anything before I have to start them.  Stupid!  I hope the girls actually study.  I literally showed them the sheets I would be using and told them when they came up with the right answers, but let's see if they bothered studying it.  I can't forget to bring the timer either.  I should probably get a second one and just leave it at work.  I need mine for cooking and exercising.  I wish my back was strong enough to do sit-ups.  I like doing push-ups, but I've lost all of the strength in my arms, and my back never liked sit-ups.  Plus, it always hurt my tailbone... I really like jumping, but I also really don't like people pounding and yelling.  There's no safe time, but I guess I could give it a shot tomorrow after work, see if he fusses.  4:30 in the afternoon... seems like a safe time to me, but last time he did the whole pounding thing again.  I have not nice words for him.  They would come out in a very angry very loud stream of mixed languages given the chance.

And, I really should go to bed.  Long day tomorrow, and I'm still fighting a cold.  At least I only have 3 classes, but I think I'm supposed to be recording one of the listening tests too... Don't see why we don't just do that Friday when we only have two periods of teaching the whole day. *eyeroll*

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