Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The good, the bad, and the really cold

True to form, I'll start with the good :P  The good is that, in reply to my email requesting a transfer and inquiring about a visit home in March, my boss informed me that he will support my continued employment at my current positions for next year.  Yay, job!  Also good is that they want me to work the camps again, and they're already asking about my availability!! (Not that I know it... at all...)

The bad - I hate my commute!  But nobody's leaving or transfering (not much work here, no work in the states, nobody's moving around much, it seems), which means there are no Tokyo based positions opening up, though my boss is now aware that I'd much prefer one.

The really cold.  Yes, it's really cold.  It's not Michigan cold by any means, but it's wet, and my walls are crappy and uninsulated wood.  All of the heat goes up, which means with a blanket on my lap in my loft I was toasty, but down where my bed goes and where my computer is, two blankets isn't enough.  I got tired of wandering around and beating up monsters though.  I think there was something crawling around in my heater, cause it shorted out twice and the cats were far too interested in it.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I got Ophelia a collar to replace the one Soushi broke (sturdier this time, I hope), and she hates it!  It's funny.  It's green, and actually brings out her eyes... which I didn't think of.  I just went "Oh! Cheap... and GREEN!"  It's pretty on her though.  Soushi (might) get a new one for his birthday (too?).  I like having the bells on them so I know where the heck they are, and Ophelia's has a double loup that Soushi can't break to get the bell off.  Or I might just find a cheap bell and stick it on the loup with his name capsule.  I still want to get them engraved tags, but that's more money than I want to spend right now, and I'd have to go to the cat store in Ikebukuro, and the women who work there really irritate me.

On the cat note, Soushi was sitting on my folded up bedding watching my video game for a few minutes.  There was one part where a dolphin shot out of the water, and his head jerked up with it.  Then my characters got to talking and not moving, and apparently he got bored and wandered off :P  Ophelia cuddled with me for 5 or so minutes until I required both hands to play my game.  Then she got offended at being neglected so, and she ran off.  Now she's meowing at me, and Soushi's trying to crawl onto my computer desk from my lap.

No work tomorrow.  I have to try to get up earlier though.  Last night I went to bed at 8 to fix my sleep, and my hips were hurting around 3ish this morning so I rolled onto my back and had some wickedly horrible nightmares.  No more of that, thanks, pass.  I wish I had the space for a real bed.  Hopefully it's not too cold out tomorrow so I can get some running done.

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