Friday, 29 January 2010

You guys who love me

Help!  Okay, so, the panic is ended.  I have to take the Lit GRE still, but I can apply without it.  I just have to find a way to take it during my first semester or so.  And! The program head wants to see my application.  *shriek!*  So I need to finish it!!!!

I'm stuck on my statement of purpose.
State briefly your primary purpose in undertaking advanced study

My purpose in pursing graduate studies is to attain a degree which will allow me to take a step toward my career goal as a teacher of English literature at the post secondary level.  I am interested in both English as a language and the contexts it has been used in throughout history.  I expect to broaden my knowledge of English literature and gain a better understanding of it, particularly in periods and genres in which my current knowledge is weakest.

It needs to glow a little more than that.  I'm working on it tonight with Jen, but any feedback (ASAP!) would be hugely appreciated.  I want to get this sent in like now, especially with the department head asking for it. Kyaaa!!

I've requested two letters of recommendation, but I'm going to write my old Japanese prof for a third, just in case.  She was my main teacher, so all things considered, I should be asking her anyway.  I'm just scared to write the letter.  She was a keigo Nazi (formal speech), but she's so awesome.  I don't really know why I'm freaking out, but I am.  Cause I want in.  Cause this just made my suck week so much better.

I'm off to buy myself a grocery store pizza now.  Help me, please!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Uh huh, Yup

8 o'clock is bad too.  Seriously, I don't think this guy works.  He keeps me up laughing at midnight.  It'll be the middle of the afternoon on a weekday or the evening and he thumps like an ape if I use the trampoline.  I was barely bringing my feet off of it and, sure enough, after 20 minutes he'd apparently had enough.  Makes me want to be an ape and just jump on the floor, see how he likes it without the buffer.  I finished my 30 minutes and tried following a dance in a music video Lindsey and I have been trying to do at Karaoke lately.  I got the first bit down.  Did a few yoga stretches.  I feel better, but I don't feel like I worked out as hard as I wanted to.  You know how sometimes you just want to sweat and feel your muscles work?  I need to find a way to do that a few times a week.  I stretched and got warm enough to be in a tank top without the heater on, but I really don't feel like I worked out.

And apparently Ophelia wanted a turn on my lap, because she climbed up my guitar case and meowed at me to pick her up off of it.  She's now laying down and meowing at me to stop typing and pet her.  As soon as I stop petting her, she gets offended.  Haha.  Silly cat.  They're both very vocal today.


That's what we say here to describe what I am today, "yaru ki nashi."  Absolutely zero drive to do anything.  I'd say it's one of those days, but this whole month is accumulating those days, and I'm finding it a little irritating.  At the same time, it's too cold to go out and wander - that and it's dark, which doesn't usually bug me so much, but cold and dark for some reason really does.  My weight's really bugging me today, and I would really like to join a gym, but that's not going to happen in this country, ever.  Not paying that much money to be a freak show, pass.  I miss running every day though.  I wish I knew of a good park... or any decent sized park with a loop that I could run around... put my headphones on and close my eyes and I don't care if I'm a freak show.  The only one I can think of though is around the imperial palace, and that's... actually not too far out of my way coming home from work, but I'd have no where to dump my stuff.  I could try the station.  It'd probably end up costing me at least $4 a day, or more, in train fare and locker money.  Still cheaper than a gym.  Do I want to run around with that many people though?  That answered that.  No.  It's really busy down there.  It's smack in the middle of Tokyo business central.  Gaaah, I want to exercise and it's so hard to do here!!!  I'm tempted to bust out the trampoline right now, but I really don't want to deal with jackass (pardon the French) downstairs being an ape.  Maybe I'll do it anyway, just turn my music up louder if he gets annoying.

Monday, 25 January 2010

I know it screams geek

But I'm ridiculously happy to find Steinbeck finally available on ebook!  Well, legally anyway, which tend to be better since half the scanned versions, the software messes up the words, switches words, screws with the spelling, and formats horribly.  The other half are hard to see cause they're picture scans which don't work well on anything but a computer screen, therefore I can't use them on my reader.

Now to find a copy of Canterbury Tales with a parallel translation, and Beowulf...well... Anglo Saxon's still a bit on the uh.. can't read more than a word here or there side of things, so a main translation would be super, with the Anglo Saxon at the back so I can read it and giggle like the nerd I am.

I've also added several books to my reading list (aside from more Steinbeck and Canterbury Tales, which I'm not sure how I managed to get this far in life without reading...) after taking the sample GRE Lit test.  I know I won't ever catch up to half the stuff on there, because poetry and I will never EVER get along, but there were things like Heart of Darkness and Frankenstein that came up, and I really was rather appalled, much like the whole Canterbury Tales thing, that I've never gotten around to reading them.  Kinda wish I hadn't used up my 100 free books on Gothic stuff I've already read (though I really do love Jane Austin and the Brontes... they're worth it...) and Shakespeare... wait, no I don't.  I just want more books, and I wish they weren't so stinking expensive.  The Sony store has them fairly well discounted, and obviously I can't possibly get hard copies of all the books I want right now - really am a fan of the Penguin classics editions though... I like that they're all the same height.  It makes them easy to sort on a bookshelf.

I digress.  Anyway, I know which books I'm likely to get with the rest of my Christmas money (thank you Aunt Tracy!!), and yay for Penguin (see, good publisher!) compiling Steinbeck's shorter novels in one package.  It's 11 bucks, but each book separate is over 5, actually I think The Perl was 8... Grapes of Wrath is not included, obviously, but, yeah.  I also want to get The Stand (Stephen King) cause now I'm interested in it.  It's loosely connected to The Dark Tower series, and he wrote it before he started on the whole rabbit trail he's gone after with the last few books (*le sigh*).  I really... I can follow it, I can respect it for its creativity and the way it ties everything together... I just don't like it.  It stole a lot of the magic of the series for me.  I still wanted to cry reading it last week, and had to stop until today after Zeke died cause I knew I'd cry again cause I really do love (most of) the characters.  I don't like fantasy and magic neatly tied up.  It irks me.

Wow, I really can't stay on one topic.  I need to write my "brief summary of why I want to attend a graduate program."  Here's a quicky:

I currently teach English as a foreign language in Japan, and I want to pursue my career goal of post secondary education in English Literature.  I am also interested in English as a language and the historical context of when and how it has been used over time.  I expect to broaden my knowledge of literature in English, particularly in periods and genres that I am weakest in, as well as gain a better understanding of how to analyze it.

That was lame.  I know it's good to talk about your strong points, but as far as what's considered "literature" (I actually do hate that lump term, rather how it's used... isn't anything written technically "literature"?) all I've got are the British Gothic writers, and only a few of them at that.  Dickens and I, not friends.  Kinda like poetry and I... though I can deal with Dickens a bit better... he's just long winded and boring.  Good stories though.  At least I can understand what he's trying to say.  I don't know what else to write!!  I need to stop putting this off.  I need to work on that (I literally thought it up as I typed that - first draft, promised myself I'd do one before bed), and take the GRE Lit (at least it's not the general test...), which as far as I've seen, they're more concerned with the scores as a benchmark and a sign of ability to succeed in graduate studies... which is good cause I was getting the analytical questions right, just not the identification ones. 

I also need to do my income tax report, overseas income thing that I have to send to the IRS so they don't think I'm scamming them, which means I have to dig out my pay stubs (glad I kept them, but I'm missing my last one - they never gave it to me -... I have the stamp in my bank book from the wire though) and play with a calculator... several times cause somehow I always manage to add things up wrong.  I also need to print those forms... note for work tomorrow.  Then I need to fill out the FAFSA, and can you believe I paid almost $6,000 in interest alone on my loans last year?  Seriously, how does the Japanese government expect me to pay them over $400 a month with that?  I'm really really hoping that I can get some sort of grant, cause I really don't want to take out more loans, unless they're subsidized so I'm not responsible for the interest that accumulates while I'm a student, but even then... no more loans for me.  I was actually a bit shocked when I saw that report from the loan company.  I never did the math, mostly cause it depressed me.  Had I been able to get a decent job while in school, I might have been able to pay off the interest before it got as bad as it did.

Money's stupid.  That's my conclusion.  Speaking of money, I bought myself lots of fruit today.  Apparently my body wanted it, cause my brain shut off till I was at the register.  The apples were on sale though, and kiwis weren't too obscene.  I have strawberries in the fridge from the other day, and some kind of weird apple pear hybrid, so I think I'm going to get up a little early and make myself a fruit salad for breakfast.  I'll probably be digging into my comfort cookies at work (bought last week on my terrible horrible no-good very bad day) cause that's not going to last till lunch, but it'll be amazing!  Add cranberry juice and mmmm!

I ramble a lot, don't I?  Are you guys actually managing to follow?  Cause I've been told my topic jumps are a bit confusing sometimes.  I can't imagine what I sound like when I talk and ramble.  At least in print, my grammar isn't atrocious, and sometimes I do actually look back at what I wrote and wonder how much sense it made.  Not that I often change what I wrote, but at least I can if I need to/want to/feel inclined to.  How do you not end a sentence with a preposition?  I'm so glad that rule has changed.  It would require the rethinking of the entire structure of pretty much every other sentence!  And I'm glad firefox has the spell check thingy now.  I kept spelling sentence with an "a," and apparently my spelling is worse than I thought... though I had no idea that "waive" did not mean the flailing motion with a hand... Gah, how am I an English teacher?  And why are water currents and flailing motions spelled the same?  That makes no sense!

I'm going to bed before this becomes a short novel.  Night!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's weird

I'm not even sure what exactly it is, but I feel like I'm finally in charge of my life.  I'm flat broke, cause I've spent way too much money this month, I've already taken $100 out of my savings because my other money went to bills that were way higher than I expected, and I'm 3 weeks from payday.  Yet I really do feel like my life is finally mine and, at least somewhat under control.  I'm not really sure what the difference is.

The guy downstairs is a jerk.  He likes to pound on the ceiling if my music is on, especially if I jump on my trampoline.  It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day it is.  Today it was noon.  He was really pissed.  That was the loudest he's pounded, and there was screaming, but it came through the floor so I couldn't understand what he said.  I called my landlord to get the light outside my door fixed.  As far as I'm concerned, it's the middle of the day, and unless I'm cracking the plaster in the ceiling, I have the right to listen to my music at a reasonable level and exercise in my own place.  (I blasted Disturbed and turned up the sub woofer on the floor after I was done... that was spite though.  I'm not usually anywhere near that loud.)  His timing today was really bad.  20 minutes into my cardio workout meant I was full of adrenaline and whatever other brain chemicals get pumped during cardio.  That meant another spike of adrenaline when he hit the floor and screamed, which made my legs and hands really shaky.  It was okay till I stopped 10 minutes later, then I realized I couldn't stand up on my own.  I was livid.

I would respect it if he came up and talked to me like a civil human being, but I'm not sure someone who would pound and act like an ape like that is capable of being civil.  I've seen him outside my door, he came two or three times one weekend, but I refused to answer cause it was night time.  I'd talk to him, provided the door was locked so it doesn't open all the way and I'm on the inside of it, but only if he's going to be civil.  If I'm breaking the plaster, I'd quit.  I don't think I am, because the liquids in my room don't even move when I jump.  If anything's damaging his apartment, I'd think it would be whatever he's hitting the ceiling with.  Now that the adrenaline's out of my system though, I'd rather deal with the pounding and let him fume.  I don't want to talk to him.  I don't want him seeing me.  I doubt he'd do anything, for one cause he's Japanese and for two cause he mostly just pounds on the wall and I'm not even 100% sure it was him coming to my door that day, I just assumed.  Still, my "I'm a single woman living alone" instincts are a little high from living in Ypsi.  At least the light outside is fixed.  I carry my keys defensively from the time I hit the staircase, sometimes before then.  I don't open my door all the way, actually I rarely answer my door.  I just don't like that I have to deal with an asshole living downstairs.  I need to exercise, and it's my home.  If  the landlord tells me to quit, then I will, but during the day, as long as the landlord doesn't say anything, I'm going to exercise.  I don't know when he's home or sleeping or not, and he's being an ape so I'm not going to put myself at risk by going and asking him.

Oh the times I wish I had a boyfriend.  For some reason, that actually has weight here.  Send the boy down to yell at him.  I don't even have guy friends who are close enough to do that for me.  I suppose I should ask the two I have what I can do about it though.  Anyway, I'm annoyed because it makes exercising not as fun, but I really want and need to exercise every day.  I can't do it outside cause there are too many people.  I can't afford $100 a month for a gym membership, and seeing as there are none near here it's a moot point.  I'm not pounding on the floor, I'm jumping on a trampoline.  It probably creaks the floor, and the noise is probably annoying, but you know what, the 1st floor rooms are cheaper for a reason.  Grr!  He makes me mad.

And that was a random topic.  I was going to mention that I did a bunch of cleaning yesterday, and I was very comfortable today.  Today I played with my cats, did some writing, played video games, and watched Bones.  I'm getting addicted to that show.  It's pretty interesting.  Ophelia's got a cut on the back of her neck that's not healing well, and I'm a little worried about it.  I think the worst that'll happen though is that it'll scar.  The scab keeps getting split or chewed off (by Soushi).  It was originally under a tuft of hair, but that hair got ripped off (likely by Soushi) and now it's an exposed scab. :(  I want to say it was from the cone she had when she got fixed, but I'm not sure.  I can't imagine what else it would be from though.  It doesn't look like something cut her or Soushi bit her there.

Ugh, long day of work ahead of me tomorrow.  For the next few weeks, it's pretty much solid one on one interview testing.  SUCK!  I was supposed to work on figuring out how to grade said tests over the weekend, but I didn't.  Maybe I should do a little of that before I hit the sack.  I have to start first period, so I won't have much time to do anything before I have to start them.  Stupid!  I hope the girls actually study.  I literally showed them the sheets I would be using and told them when they came up with the right answers, but let's see if they bothered studying it.  I can't forget to bring the timer either.  I should probably get a second one and just leave it at work.  I need mine for cooking and exercising.  I wish my back was strong enough to do sit-ups.  I like doing push-ups, but I've lost all of the strength in my arms, and my back never liked sit-ups.  Plus, it always hurt my tailbone... I really like jumping, but I also really don't like people pounding and yelling.  There's no safe time, but I guess I could give it a shot tomorrow after work, see if he fusses.  4:30 in the afternoon... seems like a safe time to me, but last time he did the whole pounding thing again.  I have not nice words for him.  They would come out in a very angry very loud stream of mixed languages given the chance.

And, I really should go to bed.  Long day tomorrow, and I'm still fighting a cold.  At least I only have 3 classes, but I think I'm supposed to be recording one of the listening tests too... Don't see why we don't just do that Friday when we only have two periods of teaching the whole day. *eyeroll*

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ophelia playing

The video quality is pretty poor.. I took it with my webcam, which doesn't do well auto focusing, and then had to change the file type, so it got kinda blurry... but yeah, this is what I was talking about.


I'm doing lots of thinking.  I've narrowed down my grad programs choices (not that there were many to begin with...) to two, both online, both really stinking expensive ><  One is a Master's of English Literature at Mercy College in New York.  Actually all but two of the classes I would be taking sound really interesting.  Two sound like... well... necessary boring stuff.  If I have to take the stupid poetry class due to scheduling... I think I may actually just take a semester off. -_-  Pass on that, thanks.  The other program is a Graduate Certificate in Children's Literature.  I want to take every one of those classes so badly!!!!!  But it's not a degree program, which means I'd be completely on my own for tuition, and slim chance of me getting a job.  At least with a Master's I can teach at a community college and maybe even a university.  Oh, but those classes look so fun and interesting, and I think if/once I finish the master's program, I may take them anyway!  Fables, fairytales, the art of picture books, fantasy in children's literature - there is nothing about those that does not sound amazing!  I think I'm going to steal the reading lists anyway and read some of the texts for fun.  I still want to find a good copy of the Grimm's fairytales... that's not $100...>_<

So, actually, I'm pretty sure I've selected which program I'm going to do.  I want to do the children's lit one, but I'd still love the English lit one, and I can actually use that when I finish with it.  Children's lit can come later.  Now all I need to do is hope and pray that the FAFSA goes through and they give me money, haha.  It's over $2,000 for one class.... both schools are pretty  much at the same price range.  If I can get a grant, I can take two classes a semester, at least until I'm at the all lit classes point, then I'd only have time for one, cause holy cow are there a lot of books that I haven't read in there!  If I can't, well, I start saving next month just in case and take one class.  $350 a month, I calculated it on the train ride home today.... *whimper*  I can do it though.  My taxes for last year are done this month, and if I put just $100 aside a month for taxes starting February, they won't be nearly as painful when they come again in June... (I hope...)  I just won't be going out as much, and this winter is my last hurrah for going to concerts... though Vamps just announced their 2010 tour dates, and I am entering in the lottery for tickets (I so did not join the fanclub just to be in a fanclub!  I want to see them!!).  I'd be fine with one show.  If it comes down to a pinch, I can lower my current loan payments, and I do have some reserves in the bank already.

Okay, I'm going to put it out there, one of the hardest things about being an adult is managing money.  I was good with it until I came here as a student, and even then, I returned with enough of my loan money left to cover all of my tuition for summer classes plus my rent for two months, so actually, I was still pretty good back then.  Living away from where my life was, you know, where I had a bed, a dresser, a mirror, shower curtains, blankets, the list goes on, was really expensive at first.  A couch that does not smell like cat urine and a fridge that doesn't freeze my carrots and melt my ice cream are the only two things left, and thankfully those are getting taken care of, and then I think my spending should go down a lot this year.  The cats are both fixed, and barring anything I don't want to think about, I'm hoping we won't see the vet this year.  They're completely indoor, so I don't really see the reason to give them vaccinations every year.  It's not like they're including something for heartworm or anything in there.  And actually, a decent fridge will save me money in the long run.  I throw away so many veggetables, it's rediculous!  And if I can buy popsicles in bulk and the grocery store, it'll stop me from buying them at the combini when I'm dying of heat. :P

I wanted to move, to be honest, since my contract for my apartment is up in August, but I want to go to school more.  If I can get my tution covered with a grant, then I still can, but moving would cost at least $2-3,000, not counting what my current landlord will likely charge me in damages (though personally I think the extra $30 a month that I pay for the cats should cover the little bit of scratching on the walls and floors.  It's not like they do it deliberately, and there really isn't that much of it, but apparently they're really fussy here.)  Well, either way, it's lots of saving up for me now.  I'm excited though.  I need to finish the application, order my transcripts (all 3 of them... at least I don't have to get the ones from the university I went to here), beg for recomendation letters, write why I want to study (I have no clue what I should write for that... I like reading?  It sounds fascinating?  I want to be a professor?), and send it away with $40 and lots of prayers.  Oh, and I have to take the GRE lit test... they say that score doesn't technically count though, it's just a benchmark.

I love how much Ophelia wants to play! haha.  First thing in the morning, I sit down to eat my breakfast, and she's right there with her toy, meowing at me to throw it.  She just nearly fell off the ladder while I was writing this, poor clutz.  Now both of the toys I was throwing are stuck on the ladder, and she's attacking the feather stick.  I like those, cause even she can amuse herself with them.  She's really bad at amusing herself, but yeah, she picks up one end, the stick moves, and the tail at the other end catches her eye, so she triest to chase it with the feather end stuck in her mouth.  It's quite comical.  They ate the poof at the other end, and the peach fur one Lindsey got to go with the feather one, but the feathers have lasted surprising long.  Destructo boy must like the toy not to destroy it in 30 minutes..... oh Soushi....

Since I'm already writing a novella here, I'm gonna babble briefly about my new writing scheme.  I had so much fun in November, and it felt so good to write, even when I wasn't sure where to go with my story or how to write a scene, and it still feels good to look at what I have, over 50,000 words (100 or so pages in MS Word), and know that I wrote it.  It's not good, but I'm going to print it once I get back to my other school (that lets me use the printers that print fast enough that printing a chapter a day won't get me in trouble) I'm going to print it out (a chapter a day) and start working on editing it.  I really can't edit on a computer screen.  I need the actual paper so I can scribble on it.  Anyway, so I made myself an excel sheet to keep track of my word count, and a graph.  One line tracks how many words I wrote in a day, and one line tracks the total words.  My writing software does this too, sorta, but it's fun to watch it accumluate.  My goal is, again, 50,000 in a month.  Already, just after two days, I've taken an idea I've had for years, beaten the crap out of it, completely changed the setting, and gotten a good start.  Science fantasy, hehe, don't ask.  I'm excited though.  I wrote for the first half of my train ride home.  That's one good thing about writing (and reading) on the train, it makes the ride go fast.

I'm gonna watch Ophelia stalk a piece of leather that's attatched to her mouth for a while, then get on attacking my list of things I have to do today.  Miki live tomorrow, and payday!!!! Yay, I can buy the shelf I've been pining for and go hunting for a used fridge!... and groceries :P  I'm making rice for curry at the moment.  It's taking too long.  That's part of why this post has carried on this long.  Gah, I need to film this.  It's hillarious!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The good, the bad, and the really cold

True to form, I'll start with the good :P  The good is that, in reply to my email requesting a transfer and inquiring about a visit home in March, my boss informed me that he will support my continued employment at my current positions for next year.  Yay, job!  Also good is that they want me to work the camps again, and they're already asking about my availability!! (Not that I know it... at all...)

The bad - I hate my commute!  But nobody's leaving or transfering (not much work here, no work in the states, nobody's moving around much, it seems), which means there are no Tokyo based positions opening up, though my boss is now aware that I'd much prefer one.

The really cold.  Yes, it's really cold.  It's not Michigan cold by any means, but it's wet, and my walls are crappy and uninsulated wood.  All of the heat goes up, which means with a blanket on my lap in my loft I was toasty, but down where my bed goes and where my computer is, two blankets isn't enough.  I got tired of wandering around and beating up monsters though.  I think there was something crawling around in my heater, cause it shorted out twice and the cats were far too interested in it.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I got Ophelia a collar to replace the one Soushi broke (sturdier this time, I hope), and she hates it!  It's funny.  It's green, and actually brings out her eyes... which I didn't think of.  I just went "Oh! Cheap... and GREEN!"  It's pretty on her though.  Soushi (might) get a new one for his birthday (too?).  I like having the bells on them so I know where the heck they are, and Ophelia's has a double loup that Soushi can't break to get the bell off.  Or I might just find a cheap bell and stick it on the loup with his name capsule.  I still want to get them engraved tags, but that's more money than I want to spend right now, and I'd have to go to the cat store in Ikebukuro, and the women who work there really irritate me.

On the cat note, Soushi was sitting on my folded up bedding watching my video game for a few minutes.  There was one part where a dolphin shot out of the water, and his head jerked up with it.  Then my characters got to talking and not moving, and apparently he got bored and wandered off :P  Ophelia cuddled with me for 5 or so minutes until I required both hands to play my game.  Then she got offended at being neglected so, and she ran off.  Now she's meowing at me, and Soushi's trying to crawl onto my computer desk from my lap.

No work tomorrow.  I have to try to get up earlier though.  Last night I went to bed at 8 to fix my sleep, and my hips were hurting around 3ish this morning so I rolled onto my back and had some wickedly horrible nightmares.  No more of that, thanks, pass.  I wish I had the space for a real bed.  Hopefully it's not too cold out tomorrow so I can get some running done.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susanna - Stephen King

Wow, okay, it's been a bit since I read this.  Book 5 in the Dark Tower series, it's a bit of a shift from where it seemed the other books were going, well, at least 3 and 4.  It did keep up the story-book atmosphere from book 4, only this one was more comic-bookish.  The gunslinger's party goes to this town, which is supposidly a representation of a town in Maine? and they're about to have half of their kids abducted by mechanical wolves.  So the basic story is about the gunslingers checking out the town, deciding whether or not to help, and then planning the battle.  It's a big lead up into the fight, and then they leave the Calla.

Book 6 is about Susanna and Mia, a demon who becomes mortal and possesses Susanna so she can steal her baby, who is half demon.  I've never been a fan of Susanna, but King did do some developing of her character finally in this book.  During the battle in book 5, Susanna makes an agreement with Mia to stay in control of her body, and once the battle is over, Mia whisks her away through the Unfound Door and viouala, we're back in New York, and Susanna now has legs.  I'm not sure what he used to explain this, but Mia is apparently taking over her body, literally?  Anyway, it's a lot of them getting around the city and walking into a nest of vampires and other dark creatures so Mia can have her demon baby.  Finding out about the baby was a bit of something that made me hit my head on my desk, but that's kinda how book 6 (and book 7 so far) turned out.  The rest of the party splits up, one part is supposed to go back to Maine and one is supposed to go after Susanna in New York.  Deus ex Machina (aka ka or fate) switches who goes where, and Jake and Callahan end up going to New York while Eddie and Roland end up in Maine.

I forget where exactly the book left off, cause I'm part way into 7 already, and I didn't have to ride the trains most of the last month so I haven't been reading at all lately.  I will say, though, that I liked 5 better than 6.  4 is still my favorite, and I don't like where 6 and 7 went.  The writer is already very much in any story, and it bugs me a little when the writer makes a character of himself and sticks it in there.  It ties the worlds together nicely, but I almost didn't want them to be tied together.  He's already got the Dark Tower and the beams tying the worlds together.  I didn't like how he put himself as the writer of the story into the story.  I can follow it, and I'm sure some people really liked it, but it took away alot of the books' believability for me.  Part of the reason I can get into fantasy is because it's fantasy.  It doesn't have to be rational or justified.  I don't like that he justified his fantasy by putting himself in the story as the writer of the characters.  He is the writer of the characters, but, okay, I'm doing a bad job of explaining what he did. He's got a character called Stephen King in the story.  This character wrote all of his books, and he's part of one of the beams holding up the Dark Tower.  Characters that he created, and hasn't created yet, come and talk to him and he sends them messages in the future, and it really smacked of deus ex machina - which gives the Dark Tower series two really big ones.

I don't dislike the series because of it, but it did kill a good bit of what I liked about the series.  It's not bad, but I thought it could have been better, even had he just left the worlds untied as they were.

Anyway, we're now between classes and everyone wants to tell me about their holiday, so I should go.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Running Around

I made myself exercise today.  I'm 10 kilos above what I was when I came (I'm thinking in kilos, cause it's less painful), so yeah, diet and exercise for me.  No wonder nothing fits right.

Christmas and New Years were fun.  Disney Sea was really crowded, so we only managed two rides, but it was very Christmasy, and that's what I wanted.  New Years we spent in Shibuya - mmm steak and eye candy.  I drank a tad bit too much at karaoke, around when my stomach was empty from dinner, and tripped, so I have a nasty nasty bruise on my leg.  Other than that though, and the whole having to walk an extra 20 minutes cause I was having to sleep at Lindsey's house while my friend was over, it was really fun.  Anything involving karaoke and steak and friends though, really can't beat that.

I have a few more things on my list of stuff to do today.  I started translating again for a few fan communities of bands I really like.  Not five minutes after I posted, I remembered why I stopped doing that.  Man are English speaking fans annoying sometimes.  Not all of them, but some just get these attitudes, like they either know everything, or they deserve to have everything.  Either way, it makes me want to smack them.  I need the practice though.  I really should get on with the studying again.

Ah, well.  I think I'm going to do some writing, then make dinner.  I really REALLY want a bigger fridge.  I can't keep anything in mine, and I was just thinking it'd be nice to make a chicken salad, except I have no room for lettus or tomatoes in my fridge.  Grrr.