Monday, 30 November 2009

Ready-to-help teacher Chris is so very much still in bed today

That could make the day interesting.  I'm so tired.  I feel better than I did yesterday morning, but not by much.  This weekend was too short and too busy.  I have a four day weekend coming up, and, well, Sunday will be painful (test that I haven't studied at all for) but Friday and Saturday I intend to sleep until I'm healthy again.

I won nanowrimo!  No, I didn't actually win anything specific, I just managed to write 50,000 words in under 30 days.  My personal goal is still not met, though.  50,000 is a good start, but before the new year there will be a "The End" attatched to that stupid story.  It'll need editing, and no way am I busting my butt to write when I want to be playing with beads this month, but a complete story with "The End" on it would be a nice first and a good launching point for editing and, well, writing another one.

I'm so excited about the projects I'm working on right now!  I wish I could post pictures!  This next one I can though.  Lindsey and I are going to The Romeo's concert next Friday.  We harassed the singer, Daishi, a few years ago, or rather he gawked at us and watched us to see if we could sing the lyrics with him while we were standing at the back of the live house (putz), so we decided to give him a little something this time around, since we plan on standing front and center to get back at him for that :P  It's cute, and so very very Daishi.  Grr (*kitty puch*), hehe.  Okay, you'd probably have to actually hear or see me ramble that one to understand the joke.  He's "badass," complete with quotations, leopard print, bad tatoos, and a whole lot of ineffective "grr."  So he's getting a biker kitty cell phone strap. XD

I'm probably 90% done with Christmas presents, but the last few are going to take quite a bit of time.  The books are harder to follow, because they don't break the steps down.  There's a map of all of the beads for one piece, and you have to follow the blue and red weaving lines into the right beads.  It's actually a lot easier than it looks, unless I'm tired, like I was yesterday.  Then I end up taking it apart two or three times because I made a dumb mistake with the weaving or, like yesterday, switched the colors around. -.-;

Yesterday was definitely one of those days that, once you make it through, you know you can handle just about any bad day that comes your way.  Sick as a dog when I got up, I made it to work, got a huge chunk of my grading done and then got more papers that I need to grade tomorrow, made it home on dark chocolate and water, and then arrived to the smell of cat piss in my apartment.  Granted, I hadn't emptied the litter box in a few days, it was first on my list of things to do today, except it wasn't the litter box.  I have a white softbox that I got from Ikea when I moved here, and I was keeping random odds and ends, socks, washcloths, gloves, my knee brace, stuff like that in there.  My afghan was in it until recently, and when I pulled that out I found all the random stuff underneath.  The cats generally sleep there during the day.  So, I went to empty the litter box and found everything in that box wet..... soaked.... GRR!!!  It took two washes for most of the stuff, and three for some like my favorite flannel and one of my leather gloves (no clue why that was in there).  The cats stayed away from me most of last night, little crap heads.  I have no clue which one did it, but my money'd be on Ophelia just because she's in there most.  Soushi goes for the kennels.

The only thing I can think is that the litter box was too dirty.  So I rearranged my room.  The litter box is on the main floor now, and my clothes are reorganized.  I moved the vaccuume and rice cooker to the other side of the room so the litter box wouldn't be right by my desk.  It's in easier reach for me to empty every day.  I don't go up in the loft every day, and when I'm tired, like I've been lately, it just doesn't get emptied.  Fortunately, the only likely victims of this are a white tanktop that looked kinda yellow coming out of the wash and maybe my glove.  The box came clean, though I'm not sure what to do with it.  Maybe I'll stick their blankets in there.  They need some place to stay warm during the day, cause no way am I leaving the heater on while I'm gone.

Anyway, despite coming home to two hours of disaster cleaning, I still managed to write the 3,000 words I needed and start on Daishi's cat.  Of course, I was up until midnight... which means I'm exhausted today, but hey, I did it.  Today sounds like an edamame for dinner day and finishing the rest of Braveheart.  And I will be in bed before ten!  I hope...  Gah I'm tired.

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