Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ow, my brain.

Dacco, Rice, and Kozi... at the same live... on purpose... Oh that will be a night to remember!  Haha!  I've seen Dacco and Rice together, and that makes sense.... Kozi.... I like him.  I like his music.  But on the same stage as Dacco and Rice?!  I can't picture it.  But yay for finally getting to see him!!  I've wanted to see him for years!

I burned my spaghetti.  Fortunately, it was a very small amount of pasta so I only have to suffer through overcooked noodles for one day.  *sigh*  Haven't done that one in a while.  Oops.

I was busy today!

Lindsey bought something for me to play with!  It came out better than I thought.  It looks good on her.  I only had to redo it once. :P

Wire bows...... I hate them.  But I like this wreath.  It took three hands, literally.  I had to have Lindsey help me get the bow tight enough.

Tree.  I need a pair of round plyers.  I have flat ones, and they work okay, but the loop at the top of the T-pin never comes out right.  Next paycheck maybe.  In the picture it's hard to see, but the tree is mostly clear beads.  There was eye pain.  One day, when I have a decent sized apartment with a table to do these one, I'm getting a magnifying lamp.  ... one day :P

I'm not sure what I think about this one.  Things move around on it too much to stick on anything other than a tree or a wall.

I haven't left my house all day.  But I did my laundry too!  And my lunch is in the fridge for tomorrow.  Now I just need to go to bed.  Monday's are extra suck cause I have to get up and leave an hour earlier than usual (to make it there 20 minutes before I usually do... >_>).  Ah well.  Tuesday's a holiday, and since rentals are half price at Tsutaya, it is offically DBZ and craft day at my place! hehehe.  Oh, maybe I'll make taco salad!

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