Saturday, 31 October 2009


I spent the whole summer staying away from the craft store, because it's deadly.  The beads by themselves are bad enough, but there are so many other crafts - baskets, they even have how to weave slippers!! - that I've never seen back home, and I want to try them all!!  I love crafts!  I slipped in the other day looking for a drawing pad, which they didn't have.  (And the ones other stores carry all have really bad paper for pencil.)  In my search... I found new bead patterns.  All christmas ones.  So I went back today... and bought them.

In my defense, I got 20% off on most of what I bought.  The one book I wanted (still want!!) with bears wearing disney outfits is gone!  I was horrified, so when I saw other books I wanted I couldn't leave them.  I hope I can find that book again.  It was so cool!!  I have one with some of the disney characters, but the bears were just so pretty and so neat!  I got one of the books with bears dressed up, and it's definitely quite fabulous, but I still want that other one!

Now all I need is limitless time to play and an unending supply of beads. :P  hehe.  I'm excited about the dancing penguins.  But first!  The Christmas ones, since... I bought them with the intention of giving them as Christmas gifts.  I should make those first.

That one is cuter when it's not a picture....

And since this is becoming a picture post, when sending these pictures from my phone to my pc (totally too lazy to get out the mini sd adapter....) I accidentally sent two other pictures...

Behold my messy house.  It's.... not any better today.  That would be Ophelia staring at Mal.  She likes to do that.

That's Mal.  I don't think I introduced him here.  He's my betta fish birthday present from Lindsey.  He's also no longer friends with Boba Fett (statue on the right) since the cats were far too interested in the thing swimming in the tank on their floor, and he's now in the kitchen... which is why there's more on the kitchen floor now.

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