Sunday, 8 November 2009

My goodness!

You'd think I never paid any attention to my cats!  Soushi's on my lap (I had to move him so I could sit), and as soon as I stop petting him he reaches up and puts his paw on my shoulder.  I pet his head and go back to what I was doing and he meows at me!  Eesh!  Hehe.

I found the most awesome writing software ever!  Amazing, is what that is!  Buh bye giant notebooks and scattered scraps of paper.  I'm using the trial version right now.  It's so cool to work with!  So far I've started three "books" in the "library," and it keeps even the color scheme separate for each "book"!  And it has a full screen typewriter to block out destractions and stop you from going and editing what you see on the screen.  You can edit in the main screen.  It's all levels of cool.  Only irksome thing is the lack of special characters, like the two dots over vowels and stuff.  But it even lets me type in Japanese.  I love it!

Steak was on sale at the store today, 50% off.  Ehehe.  Granted, the tiny steak that I bought was originally 11.50 so it almost counted as decently priced.  Not too bad for fatty either.  Man are Japanese steaks fatty.  Seriously, fatty meat does not taste better.  I hate chewing on fat.  Ew.  I cut it off and gave it to the cats.  They loved it.  But like I said, there wasn't much to begin with.  And third time in a row I've made something and had it turn out scrumptious!  I cooked the steak in a Japanese sesame seed sauce in my fry pan and put green beans in there with it.  (Less green beans than I'd have on my plate at thanksgiving for 1.75... ouch!)  Then I had just a little bit of rice with some of the cooked sauce sprinkled over it and Korean seaweed.  Oh it was so good!!!!  It was my dinner today and will be my lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, and I'm SO happy about that!  Yay for half-priced steak!  I cut it into three pieces.  I wouldn't have been able to eat it all today anyway. I'm still not feeling 100%.

I'm mostly healthy again though.  Lots of rest and fluids this weekend.  No more coughing or sore throat.  My gums swelled for some reason yesterday, (????) but they were fine when I woke up today.  I'm just gonna take it easy at work and use my anti-bacterial hand stuff lots.  I've been doing that anyway.  Oh!  And I have to remember to take my vitamins in the morning.  I think those have helped too.  And healthy food (mmm yummy steak).  Now all I need is to fall asleep, which could prove interesting.  It's now 11:25, and I'm not at all tired.  My cats are doing judo on my bed now. *sigh*

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