Monday, 23 November 2009

Killing time at work

And avoiding doing things I should actually be doing, like studying. :P

Gallery link

So, since I've made too many things to clutter up this page, I put all of the pictures under that link.  I even attempted crocheting...

It's... special.  I'm going to try to remake it - hopefully that looks less like a first grader tried to make it.

My favorite beaded thing I've made so far is this ->

It's pretty.  It looks yummy, though I had a little trouble with the dish part and the T-pin.  I can never keep them straight when I bend the loop.  I bought the right pliers for it, but there's no way to keep the pin from bending underneath the beads.

I went to a bead store yesterday with Lindsey to get beads for the rest of my Christmas presents.  IT WAS SO FUN!  We're going again on Saturday (to a different one) and getting beads for a grr!cat we're giving to Daishi (singer, we're going to his concert in a few weeks... it's a joke gift) and to pick up the rest of the beads for the last few presents.  I hope people actually like these things.  Most of them are ornaments, really.  I'm making a few non-ornaments that I'm not posting here till after Christmas (sad! They're so cool!!)...

I was also wondering if they sell beads like these in the States. :S  I imagine they do.  For the most part, they're not that fancy.  The beads I got for one of my presents yesterday are Swarovski (spelling?) beads though... they're shiny!!  If they had that cut in something that's not $2 for 30 beads I would have gone with that, but........ Christmas only comes once a year, and I like making things to give to people... and my lunches are cheap :P  I'm actually pretty sure the hedgehog is Swarovski too, but that was a kit.  Lindsey bought it for me to make her at 50% off, and it was still $10.

Hm.. yeah, not much else going on in my life.  My coworker just had me watch the trailer for Avatar (we're working hard today!).  It looks pretty good, aside from the military premise being... well, classically Jackson vs. Native Americans evil.

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