Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Flash drives are amazing!

Here I am, at work, listening to Jules Massenet's "Meditation" and ignoring the people drinking loudly in my office.  Noise reducing earphones are also a wonderful piece of technology.  Pity mine broke, but I'm currently borrowing Lindsey's until I break them and have to buy her a new pair or find the money to buy myself a new pair.  Either way, it almost does the trick.

Also with my handy-dandy- 2GB flash drive (that glows green when you plug it in... oOohh!), I can also use the writing software I've been working with and bring my story, my notes, and all the pictures I have associated with said story, and the music playlist I'm currently listening to, in one program.  *cheesy commercial-style grin*

Enough of that.  I'm at work early today to get some grading done.  Apparently, "You'll do that one year, realize it's too much work, and never give homework again."  .... Cause the students will learn at all when they don't know why they got the good/bad grade they did on a speach test.  Yes... I can see you're dedicated to your job. *eyeroll*  I have two classes worth stacked up from yesterday, and I have one more class doing speaches today that I'll have to grade on Friday.  The only frustrating part about it is that in their grammar classes they're taught that it's okay to say things like "I felt cool there" (not necessarily wrong, just weird) and "There was cool" (wrong!) instead of "It was cool there."  I'm not docking huge points for grammar mistakes, but I still feel bad marking up their papers when I know they worked really hard on them, some of 'em anyway.

I finished "Wolves of the Calla," yesterday.  Thank you Aunt Tracy!!! ^__^  I took my time reading it, only on the trains and a little at work when I couldn't handle being in the office and the people there, so it lasted quite a bit longer than the other books.  Haha.  I'll write up a review another day.  I have quite a bit to say about that book. 

For now, since I do have that useless test *sigh* coming up the first Sunday in December, I'm taking a break from English books and reading one of the Japanese novels I got partly through then got bored with last year.  Despite the fact that I know the plot sucks, it's actually good motivation for me to look up words and kanji that I don't know.  The same goes with games, but those go by too quickly for me to bother with a dictionary.  I'm circling words in pencil that I can't read (there's an obnoxious amount of them having to do with militaries and war...) and I'll look them up later.  This time I probably actually will.  If I'm interested in something and have a good reason, like not being able to read what I want to read (grr!), then I'll actually study.  Not having to use past the Japanese I already know on any given day, it's kinda hard to give a rip about grammar and words that are so old native Japanese speakers can't pass the test.  I doubt the words I'm looking up from my book now will be on the exam, but whatever, at least I'll be able to read them, and I guarentee they'll come up again in that book, another, or in a game considering the books/games I like.

And I'm off.  I have a few emails to write, then it's down to grading papers.

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