Monday, 2 November 2009

Butter Fingers

It started yesterday morning when I was changing the ball of my piercing to the one that's harder to see for work.  Dropped the good one and lost it somewhere on my floor.  Had to wear an uncomfortable one.  Then when I was doing my beads, I dropped the string lord knows how many times, and one of my knots came undone, spilling all of the beads everywhere.  I finished what I was working on, started another one, and, after redoing it three times, quit for the night.

I nearly forgot my old roommate's birthday!  I still feel bad ><  Only by a day, but gah.  I wish I could send her more, but I made her that charm.  It's pretty fragile though.  Too much weight on a knot that I couldn't thread through anything.

I woke up and did chores today!  My apartment is still furry and needs scrubbing (the cats are pigs with thier food, and it sticks to the floor.  I might put a mat down there...), but I vaccumed the main parts, did laundry, and fed all the animals before breakfast!  Mal seems to be doing okay despite the cold.

I got the clinique cream I ran out of on Friday.  So not looking forward to that bill. -_-  That stuff's stupidly expensive.  The soap's only 30, so I didn't figure on the cream being 70!  That went on credit card...  I was going to ask for the set for Christmas, but without the cream my skin was getting really bad, and you can't really use the astringent part without the cream because it stings on dry skin!  I started using it again Saturday, and my skin is already clearing up, and the scars are healing, so that's happy.  I found North American hair dye too, but only one bottle of the color I wanted, so I'll have to look again, cause I think at this point I need three.  I thought about doing red again, since my hair's already fairly bleached, but there'd be no way to maintain it here, and if the water's hard enough to strip my natural color out, red isn't going to last a day.  So black it will be... hopefully soon.  Mousy washed out brown is nobody's friend.  And Lindsey gave me a coupon for a salon so maybe in the next paycheck or so (cause that's how months are counted now) I can get the dead ends cut off and stop looking like a scrub.  A cut and color is $44 (plus extra for long hair)... not bad except Japanese dyes are completely flat and not made for European hair. $30 for a hair cut.  Definitely better than the $70 ish I had to pay last time to have the lady give me more split ends (...seriously, she spoke English.  I told her I was cutting my hair to get rid of split ends, and she cut it dry.......!!!).  I don't like going to salons though, not a bit.

On a last note, I love the cooler weather.  One of Soushi's favorite places turns into my lap, and I get lots more cuddles from them. ^w^

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